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Orangeburg, SC -- An intense video was uploaded to Instagram this week showing a police officer rip a man's window from the car with his bare hands, shattering it instantly. Although the video is short, it is clear enough to realize there is absolutely no struggle.

The video, uploaded to Instagram by Norman Marsh, starts out with him saying something that sounds like, "There is no resisting." Within seconds, the officer snaps, grabs the window with his hands, and begins thrusting all of his body weight backward in an attempt to break the window.

After a few tugs by the 200+ lb cop, the window meets its match and shatters. Amazingly enough, Marsh stays calm during the encounter, which adds credence to the fact that the officer's actions were likely entirely uncalled for.

Marsh then posted the video of the incident to Instagram with the following description:

Talk about how it continues.. This police man just broke my damn car window for no damn reason. Good thing I got on camera.. The struggle continues!!! We won't let them nor no one stop us from the Success we have waiting for us!! I have more footage of the BS they did also. #oemslaw#motivation#stronger

As you watch the video below try to take notice of the cop's attire. On the right side of his vest, he is wearing the now infamous "Punisher" patch. As you see him shatter this man's window in a fit of rage, ask yourself this question. Would you expect anything less from a cop who is wearing the logo of an anti-hero who exacts punishment in the form of murder, kidnapping, extortion, and torture on those he deems guilty in his war on crime and who essentially acts as judge, jury and executioner?

UPDATE: In this article, the Free Thought Project noted that we contacted the Orangeburg County Sheriff's department. This was only due to the fact that Marsh stated this happened in Orangeburg. This was not a statement meant to implicate OSD. We'd like to apologize to the OSD for any confusion in this matter. We have since received a response from the OSD, which reads as follows:

In regards to a video released depicting what appears to be a violent traffic stop, the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office finds this type of behavior to be despicable. We have a zero tolerance for this type of action.

As regards to the article, we feel it irresponsible to assign blame to this agency by means of what is apparently the equivalent of tossing a dart at a board. This officer clearly belongs to some other agency as evidenced not only by his actions but his uniform. The uniform depicted in the video is a black Class A uniform. Our Class A uniforms are gray. A medium gray that is unmistakably not black. Out of 11 law enforcement agencies in this county as well as three university public safety agencies, the blame was laid at our door without an inquiry as to the identity of either the agency nor the officer. We find that as unacceptable as the actions in this video.

The Free Thought Project reached out to both Marsh and the Orangeburg County Sheriff's department but have yet to receive a response. While the reason for the stop is unknown, it is clear that Marsh was not arrested or detained for any significant amount of time as he was able to quickly post the video.

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This scenario is a familiar one, however. Police officers, on numerous occasions, have broken out windows of entirely innocent people because they don't have them rolled all the way down.

Despite there being no laws on the books that require drivers to lower their windows all the way down, police officers have been seen assaulting people for it -- claiming that it caused them to "fear for their safety."

Case in point: University of Central Florida College Student, Victoria King.

King was pulled over by UCFPD Officer Timothy Isaacs for a minor traffic offense – a bad tail light.

The officer became obsessed and incensed by Ms. King's reluctance to roll down her window “all the way” to receive her bad tail light ticket.

Because King didn't immediately prostrate herself before the almighty law enforcement officer, he then escalated the traffic stop to violence, breaking out the car window, assaulting King, and charging her with two felonies and a misdemeanor.

Sadly, a criminally ignorant jury sided with police in King's case and she was found guilty of battery and resisting arrest without violence. She was sentenced to community service and probation -- for being assaulted by a tyrant cop who didn't know the law.

Hopefull, Marsh, if he is facing similar charges over a cop's ignorance, he gets a jury that understands the law.