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ref·u·gee - refyo͝oˈjē/ - noun: a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster.

In the land of the free, treating your child's illness with a plant that you can grow in your backyard will get you kidnapped, caged, and even killed.

In spite of the mountain of evidence showing the incredible benefits of cannabis, uniformed agents of the state will deprive you of your freedom for possessing it. Families are forced to become criminals to simply treat their children. Good people are persecuted and threatened with government sponsored violence for the mere act of possessing a plant.

Families have become de facto refugees just so they can reap the amazing benefits of cannabis.

To treat their daughter's myoclonic epilepsy, the Benton Family has been forced to move to Colorado. They had to leave their family, friends, and jobs behind so they can save their daughter's life without worrying about police kicking in their door in the middle of the night, throwing flashbang grenades in their bedroom, and kidnapping and caging them.

Since she was 14 months old, Addyson Benton had a horrifying life. Test results showed that she experienced over 1,000 seizures a day. The harmful and addictive prescription medication had no effect on Addyson's seizures, so the family sought out medical cannabis.

After trying CBD oil for the first time, Addyson "became a little girl again." The results were nothing short of miraculous as Addyson was transformed immediately after her first dose.

"We've noticed instantly after two weeks of Addyson being on the Charlotte's Web CBD oil that her walking is better, her talking is better, her attention is better. It's phenomenal the changes we have seen in her these two weeks," said her mother, Heather Benton.

It is an incredibly sad state of affairs that the Benton family was forced into refugee status to save their daughter's life. It is truly baffling to think that people, 'just doing their jobs,' have yet to realize the immoral nature of blindly enforcing prohibition.

Sadly, the Bentons are not alone in their struggle.

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After becoming criminals in their home state of Illinois for successfully treating their child's Crohn's disease with cannabis, the Turner family was forced to move to Colorado to legally save their child's life.

“I’d rather be illegally alive than legally dead,” Coltyn Turner said in an interview Cannabis Now Magazine.

Coltyn has been in remission now for more than 22 months but his family remains in refugee status.

The effects of keeping cannabis illegal are staggering. Millions of lives have been ruined and even ended.

Nothing highlights the hypocrisy, immorality, and sheer idiocy of the drug war quite like marijuana prohibition. Here we have a medicine that kills cancer cells, saves the lives of countless epileptic children, heals broken bones,relieves pain, treats PTSD, is not dangerous, and exhibits a variety of other incredible benefits - yet the state will kill you over it.

At any one time, 59,300 prisoners charged with or convicted of violating marijuana laws are behind bars. Of those, 17,000 are behind bars for possession ONLY, not trafficking. Enforcing marijuana laws costs an estimated $10-15 billion in direct costs alone. Not to mention the sustained costs of incarceration of the individual who has done nothing to harm anyone. It is estimated that the money spent enforcing useless marijuana laws is double what we spend on education in this country.

It is time to end this ridiculous, murderous, and outright criminal “War” on Drugs. To quote comedian and activist Joe Rogan, “Prison is for Rapists, Thieves and Murderers! If you lock someone up for smoking a Plant that makes them happy, You’re the fucking Criminal!”

Medical Refugee

Meet Addyson Benton, Medical Cannabis Refugee. Her family moved from Ohio to Colorado in search of cannabis oil to treat her seizures. The results speak for themselves.(source: USA TODAY)

Posted by WeedHorn on Friday, April 1, 2016

Posted by WeedHorn on Friday, April 1, 2016

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