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Austin, TX -- A video uploaded to Youtube this week shows an ominous precedent being set in America. Offending someone is now grounds for police action.

A preacher near the University of Texas at Austin documented this death blow to the freedom of speech. The preacher was voicing his opinion on anal sex, just outside of the campus when students became 'offended' and sought out state force to punish the man for his speech.

When the officer came up to the preacher, he essentially explained to him that the 1st Amendment is irrelevant, "The law says if you offend someone, and they wanna press charges."

“It’s against the law to offend someone?” the preacher asked in complete surprise.

“Yes,” the cop repeated.

The officer then proceeded to repeat the words that hurt the oh-so-sensitive ears of the passersby, prompting them to sic the cops on a man for his words. "Dirty penis. Genital warts. You can't keep your legs closed. It's a war on the anus. Homosexuals at UT," repeated the officer, as if he was exhibiting evidence of an actual crime.

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While the Free Thought Project certainly doesn't agree with the preacher's views, we will stand up for his right to voice them.

Even the vilest, most repugnant, and hateful speech must be defended with our lives. For if we ever give the state the ability to silence one of us, they will silence all of us.

In the video, the officers actually admit that they write "so many of these tickets" that it is hard to keep track of them. So, this is hardly an isolated incident.

When the Free Thought Project called the campus police department for a statement, we were told that the citation was voided. But this was most likely due the outpouring of calls from the tens of thousands of viewers who watched the video on Youtube, with the department's phone number in the title.

Had the man in the video attempted to 'resist' his unlawful citation and detainment, the officer could have killed him and this would have been justified -- in the land of the free.