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San Diego, CA — Dramatic footage, taken Tuesday from Chicano Park in San Diego, shows what happens when a police officer is called out for driving his motorcycle into a park to harass citizens.

According to John Vazquez, the person who took the video, there have been reports of San Diego motorcycle cops parking in Chicano Park, racially profiling people and needlessly harassing them.

Vazquez, who reportedly sits on the board that runs the park, began filming when citizens approached officer Flores for violating an agreement not to ride into the park. Instead of de-escalating the situation, Flores became belligerent, puffed out his chest and appeared to want a fight. "I don't back up!" he barks as he attempted to intimidate the citizens.

When the man fails to be intimidated, Flores assaults him by shoving him backward and then pulls out his taser. Nobody is armed except for Flores and his partner and the only person escalating the situation is Flores.

To illustrate how needless Flores' violent escalation was, the other officer from the CHP never pulled out his taser and remained calm the entire time. However, Flores appeared to be on a power trip.

When the taser comes out, Vazquez then demands Flores holster his weapon. After several verbal demands to holster the taser, Flores finally complies. The entire time, the sirens in the background—Flores' backup—get closer.

When Vazquez tried to reason with the officer and inform him that riding his motorcycle into the park was a violation of their previous agreement, the officer's ego comes into full swing.

"You are violating the agreement that Chicano Park has with the San Diego police department not to ride their motorcycles into the park," says Vazquez.

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"I do whatever I want to! I can do whatever I want to!" replies Flores like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum on the playground. "I do what I want!"

Finally, as other officers arrive, they do what Flores failed to do and de-escalate the situation. Had cameras not been on the officers, this scene could've played out far differently.

To highlight how different this situation could've unfolded, we can look at Flores' past. In his career, Flores has been involved in two separate shooting deaths.

In response to the chaotic scene captured on video, local San Diego media outlet, Onus News Service made a powerful point. "In the days before video cameras, every person there would have been beaten and then arrested for assault on a police officer. Today, with video cameras, the police still commit assault but at least no one was beaten and arrested and from what I see a lawsuit will follow. Of course, nothing with happen to the cop for his crimes. Of course, none of these so-called 'good cops' stepped in to stop the bad cop."

Below is a video showing what happens when hot-tempered cops are called out for corruption.

Vazquez posted the video with the following description:

"Everyone in or around Barrio Logan beware. In Chicano park There has been reports of a motorcycle police officer that will park on Chicano park. Being very unprofessional by Racial profiling, and harassing people. Once we went to the park recording, this happened..."