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Topeka, KS — The Topeka police department conducted a warrantless no-knock raid of a man’s apartment after someone reported seeing a Hispanic male with an AK-47. An entirely innocent man was shoved to the ground, held at gunpoint in his own home, and nearly killed because cops thought he may have "fit the description." Naturally, this near-death experience at the hands of public servants infuriated the innocent man who held no punches when he voiced his complaint.

“Yes, under normal circumstances it does require a warrant. Under exigent circumstances a warrant is not needed,” says Topeka PD officer K. Johnson who attempted to explain to the man why four men with AR-15's busted down his door, invaded his home, and placed him in handcuffs.

The young man stated he has been to jail and now knows his rights as a result. He is not going to take the invasion of privacy lying down. "An exigent circumstance requires a full description!" Reynolds told the police.

David Reynolds says he was attending his college courses and had returned home to give his dog a bath, when the armed invasion by men dressed in all black clothing occurred. Finding nothing, Reynolds then demanded to speak with the officers’ supervisor. Attempting to maintain his composure, Reynolds eventually lost it, rightfully pointing blame where blame was due. He directed his anger squarely at the police noting that if he had attempted to protect himself or his property with any object at all, he likely would have been killed.

I’m so f**king pissed off right now. You don’t even understand. People are dying every day. There’s another video on Facebook of one of me dying, every day and y’all don’t give a f**k. Had this gone any way differently, I’d be laying dead in my own apartment for no f**king reason and don’t nobody care. Don’t nobody give a f**k!

Reynolds’ case highlights precisely why NFL players are opting to take a knee instead of standing for the singing of the National Anthem.

Reynolds then demanded each officer's name and badge number before telling them:

Now get the f**k out of my house!

The young man's front door was apparently repaired by the apartment complex handyman. Who knows if the apartment complex will continue to allow him to reside in the residence? As TFTP has observed, residents often get kicked out following police incursions into residences by SWAT.

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Decide for yourself. Is this the kind of America we want as citizens whereby police can indiscriminately decide if exigent circumstances exist to the point no search warrant is needed as the U.S. Constitution requires?

Reynolds says he's currently looking for a lawyer. Should police have invaded his home, guns drawn, and violently taken the man to the ground? How many more citizens must lose their rights to privacy through unconstitutional no-knock raids?

They're not only dangerous for citizens, who may choose to defend themselves and their homes against armed intruders, but they're also dangerous for police officers who might just face a loaded weapon pointed in their direction.

While Reynolds came out of this one alive, others like Andrew Finch were not so lucky. 

So i come home in between class, to wash my dog, and all of a sudden i hear loud banging on my door, i ask who it is, and get no answer, so i open my door, and there are two Topeka Police Department officers with AR-15 DRAWN and AIMED at me, tell me to come outside, to which i answered “fuck no” because 1. i have done NOTHING WRONG, and 2. im in my underwear because washing my dog gets messy. so i slam my door. they then BREAK IT DOWN. tell me to get on the ground, put me in hand cuffs and drag me to my living room. then tell me that they got a call about a “hispanic male with an AK-47” (which by the way is NOT illegal to own if you’re not a felon so even if i did have one, which i dont, its not ilegal to own one, and they didnt know i was a felon until i told them.)let me state one more time that i did NOTHING WRONG. and i was IN MY OWN HOME! WASHING MY DOG! and they BROKE MY DOOR DOWN AND ALMOST KILLED ME WITH NO EVIDENCE THAT IVE DONE ANYTHING WRONG! THEY DIDNT EVEN HAVE EVIDENCE THAT THE PERSON THEY WERE ACTUALLY CALLED ABOUT HAD DONE ANYTHING OTHER THAN CARRY AN AK-47 INSIDE HIS OWN! THANK GAIA IM NOT FUCKING DEAD RIGHT NOW! THIS WASIN MY OWN HOME. I DIDNT DO ANYTHING WRONG. SHARE THIS SHIT. I NEED A FUCKING LAWYER* for licensing or usage please contact [email protected]

Posted by David Reynolds on Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Following Reynolds release of the video encounter with police, the young man stated he had been receiving criticism for not obeying and complying with police officer commands. Flexing his rights he released a second video, unabashedly proclaiming he will flex his rights to command his home the way he sees fit.

this is MY house.

Posted by David Reynolds on Thursday, September 13, 2018

The Topeka Police Department released the following statement with regards to Reynolds' contact with police, once again, attempting to shame the victim (Reynolds) by stating he refused to speak with police and slammed the door in their face, something well within his and everyone's right to do. Here's the statement in its entirety.

Statement regarding Facebook video: Officers received a call at 11:09 a.m. Wednesday in reference to a male armed with a rifle. The caller told us they believed the male to be in a violent dispute with a female and was making threats to her. The caller then specified the apartment this was taking place in. The caller then said they could hear banging on their door and walls and said they were afraid for their safety. A few minutes later officers arrived on scene. Officers knocked on the door at the apartment that was described.The subject answered the door, wearing his underwear and latex gloves. He refused to answer the officers’ questions. The subject then slammed the door shut. Fearing for the female’s safety, officers forced entry. The purpose was to check and see if the female was injured or needing assistance. In emergency situations such as this, officers are not required to have a search warrant if they have a reasonable belief that a person may be in immediate danger. Officers briefly detained the subject and checked to see if anyone inside was injured. Officers located no one else inside the apartment and released the subject. The apartment manager was summoned to fix the apartment door and officers left.

Comments left by citizens appear to show the public is on the young man's side. They're demanding Topeka Police release the 911 call and hold the caller accountable for the false accusation which could easily have led to the young man's death.