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Johnstown, NY — Because of its highly ineffective and racist undertones, even the warmongering Bush administration issued a federal ban on racial profiling. In 2003, for the first time in history, 70 law enforcement agencies in the US were barred from using someone's racial makeup in decisions on law enforcement.

For example, a team of drug war enforcers could not focus on a single neighborhood for narcotics enforcement based on the race of the occupants. The end of profiling was a small victory for those who found themselves under the thumb of government because of their race. Sadly, however, despite the federal ban, racial profiling still runs rampant in the land of the free and the following video is proof of this assertion.

Mazell Anthony posted the video to his YouTube channel. As if the two motorists were engaged in a Mexican standoff, a young African American male was stopped on the side of the street facing a police cruiser whose lights were on. The two motorists, one a cop, were nose to nose before the Black motorist approached a stop sign. Narrating the video for the whole world to see, the young man predicted, accurately, he was about to get pulled over by the Johnstown Police Officer. Then it happened.

“Yeah, look at this guy. And he’s parked, too. So, you know it’s about to turn up. These n****s gonna try to boot n****s for no reason, at all. Let me see,” Anthony said just before the cop pulled out after him.

As if it has happened many times in the past, the young man reached for his license and registration, got his turn signal/stop lights out of the glove box and prepared himself for his rights to be violated because of what he claimed would be an act of racial profiling.

“I dare him to say it smells like anything, because it smells like gyro dinners in here,” Anthony says, before the officer approaches.

The cop then approached the window and then demanded ID’s from both the motorist and the passenger. The motorist demanded to know why he was being pulled over, but the cop appeared to be making up something in order to justify the traffic stop. The cop said it was because he had an air freshener hanging from the rear view mirror.

Be quiet for a second while I answer his question (passenger)I’ll tell you in a second...As a matter of fact come on out....You have stuff hanging from your mirror...You can’t have that. You can’t have anything hanging...

The cop’s attention then turned to the passenger, Michael McDonald, and began to interrogate the motorist’s passenger.

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“Michael what are you doing over there...I know you don’t live there...You dating Takiah?...You date her?...Are you supposed to be there? ....You got something in the car?...You pick up?...You drop off?...I know you looked right at me?" said the cop who began asking if he was dating Takiah, supposedly someone who lives at the home where the two were parked.

The cop supposedly was staking out a known drug trafficking house. “I know what you’re doing. You’re either dropping off or picking up," he said as he further harassed the passenger while leaving the stopped motorist to stand beside the vehicle.

The cop then made a telling admission, claiming that he pulled the car over, not for an air freshener hanging from the mirror but because the passenger had his mouth open. Seriously.

“When you saw me, your jaw was dropped, that’s why.”

As Carlos Miller writes for PINAC, jaw dropping is not an articulable reasonable suspicion that a crime is being, about to be, or was just committed.

“I’m the police!...I’m a cop so what does that make you,” the police officer bantered. “I know what you’re doing. Don’t worry. I’ve got an eye,” he said as he walked away having violated the rights of these two innocent men.

From the looks of things, the police officer wanted to make police contact with the passenger, not the motorist, who was apparently stopped just to be able to engage the passenger who claims the police know by name.

The video is just a taste of what many African Americans often say happens to them on a daily basis and it is illegal and must stop. If the police officer wanted to make police contact with the passenger, he must use his police academy training to legally do so, not stop a motorist, make up a reason for the stop on the fly, and then begin to harass and intimidate a passenger in the stopped automobile. All the while, the toddler in the backseat baby seat was crying. The video below is a perfect reason as to why so many people do not like cops.