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Phoenix, AZ — A family claims that their mentally ill daughter is being tortured while imprisoned in a Maricopa County jail and utterly horrifying video recently released proves it. Valentina Gloria, 20, a sexual abuse survivor, spit on a cop as he was hurting her and, as a result, has been in jail for 9 months even though the assault charges which took her to jail have already been dropped according to her mother.

Vangelina Gloria says her daughter suffers from, “Autism, bipolar, schizophrenia, borderline functioning, and PTSD.” The horrifying video shows officers in the Lower Buckeye Jail strapping her to what appears to be a table, made by pushing two single beds together, when Valentina spit on the male officer. While there were several female officers in the room, all helping to restrain the mentally ill woman, she chose to spit on the only male officer in the room. As the video shows, the massive cop was putting all of his 300 lb body on the tiny woman's leg, likely causing her severe pain and prompting the spitting.

The precarious position in which the officers were restraining her left an already abused woman completely helpless to defend herself. Adding insult to injury, the four point restraints were actual chains restraining her four limbs in what appeared to be a highly painful position. Valentina wept with pain, crying out for answers as to why she was being tortured.

Valentina had been taken to jail for allegedly assaulting two nurses during a mental health episode. The assault charges were dropped months ago according to her mother but she is still being held in jail for spitting on the male officer, the saliva of which never actually made contact with the officer’s skin. Instead, it came to a rest on the back of his uniform.

Governor Doug Ducey signed the Blue Lives Matter (as it’s known) bill into law, making it a felony to assault police officers even if they’re off-duty. This special protection under the law is what is keeping the mentally-ill woman just barely out of her teen years behind bars. Questions remain as to why such a mentally ill woman is not in a mental hospital somewhere getting the treatment she needs instead of being manhandled by cops and strapped down like an animal.

Worse still is the fact Valentina has been placed on suicide watch, an action which undoubtedly removes her from the much-needed social interaction of other inmates.

"Now she's on suicide watch again all due to being mismedicated, mistreated," says her mother.

We reviewed the file footage of Valentina’s restraint and how it came to pass that she would be charged with assaulting a police officer. The video begins with Valentina being in a four-point restraint and covered by a blanket. She is removed from her restraints and allowed to use the bathroom.

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She calmly walks back and forth around the urinal in an apparent effort to work up the nerve to use the bathroom as six cops, including men, watch her. She sits down, takes care of her business, and returns to the table calmly, without a fuss or a fight. But when she realizes she’s going back into restraints she begins to cry, weep, and scream. However, she never becomes violent or physically combative at all.

Methodically, as if the restraining team of cops is not aware of the torture they’re about to inflict, each member begins to strap the young woman down. Soon after, the man places the majority of his body weight on each extremity, holding her down as his colleagues tighten the chains.

Valentina screams even louder as the pain becomes unbearable. Doing everything by the book, it’s clear the officers have some sort of cognitive dissonance at work, completely unaware there may be a better solution for the woman than to be forcibly strapped to a table inside an all-male jail in Phoenix. At some point, Valentina spits on the officer’s uniform, hardly a literal assault on an officer, more likened to self-defense and defiance as some might characterize the scene.

Valentina has now been held in the Lower Buckeye jail for 11 months with no real end in sight and no answers for her mother who begs for her release. After all, no one was hurt by her actions on the day in which she was tortured, no one except a young female who’s already been abused and seriously needs mental health treatment.

Her mother recently spoke out at the local Puente rally against human rights abuses and immigration issues. She said:

I'm out here because that's not okay for anybody, not for my child, not for anybody to be treated like that. And I don't understand how the system allows that to happen, but yet it continues to happen everyday because she still remains there.

That’s right America. A sexually-abused female can be housed in an all-male jail, spit on a male guard, and be held indefinitely, all in the name of officer safety and Blue Lives Matter laws. And there’s not a damn thing anyone can do about it. This is the American Police State.

Warning this video is extremely disturbing.