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A favor, if you are a law enforcement officer, is a felony, if you selectively enforce the laws that you are sworn to uphold; whether or not the person you are choosing to selectively enforce the law against is a family member, makes no difference.

How is society supposed to be free when children of those that are above the law are granted special rights when the rest of us are hauled off to jail for the same offense?

The Richmond Police deny that the man who picked up the girl was a Richmond police officer, but that story varies from witness accounts. Whatever this man's association with law enforcement, the girl was clearly given special privilege that would not be afforded to the rest of us.

Witnesses who shot cell phone video in Church Hill Sunday morning claim the driver of a vehicle that almost hit them is the daughter of a local police officer, and that she was drunk.

The person recording video claims the driver nearly hit several people and cars after blowing through two stop signs. He said based on what was said at the scene, the driver of the vehicle appears to be the daughter of a local police officer.

CBS 6 spoke with S. Preston Duncan, who filmed the incident. He said that around 12:30 a.m. Sunday, a drunk driver hit a vehicle in the 3000 block of Broad Street.

In response to the commotion, several Church Hill residents ran outside. Duncan’s parked car was hit in that accident.

At that point another vehicle approached and appeared to be speeding.

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Duncan said that the car blew through the stop sign “without decelerating, and we were forced to flee the street towards the sidewalk as we realized that this was not another cop rushing to the scene, but a driver who has clearly failed to notice a stop sign, an automobile accident, and flashing police lights, and is headed straight for a head on collision with the wrecked SUV.”

“The oncoming vehicle slammed on its brakes, swerved around the damaged vehicles, nearly hitting the cop car (lights still blaring), and is forced to a stop, right where we had all been standing, by one of the officers tending to the accident,” Duncan wrote in a post that has been shared on the Richmond Police Department’s Facebook page.

“She was crying hysterically, hitting her head on the steering wheel,” said Duncan. “At one point she got out of the car and spilled the entire contents of her purse on the street. The officer repeatedly asked her to get back into her car.”

Duncan said that at least two witnesses heard the officer consent to speak with the girl’s father on her cellphone, at which point she made a call and handed it to him.

Then approximately 30 minutes later witnesses said that a SUV arrived on scene, with a man and a woman inside.

“Cut the camera off, son,” the man in a yellow hoodie said to the person holding the cell phone.

“Stop taking my video,” the young woman screamed at Duncan.

Witnesses said the girl was never given a breathalyzer.

She was later seen leaving in another vehicle, clearly not being charged for any of the infractions that she had just committed.