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Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY -- Unfortunately, the sad reality is that yet another accusation of excessive force by the NYPD is hardly newsworthy anymore. But there was something different about what happened last night inside the Target store in Flatbush. And most of it was caught on video.

The man who captured the video told The Free Thought Project that he “witnessed several police officers repeatedly jumping with their knees on the victim's head while he was already being held by a team of additional officers.”

The video then shows half a dozen officers putting their weight on the man as they held him face down on the floor. One officer could be seen repeatedly putting his knee on the man’s head and pressing it against the floor while at least two others were striking the man with their fists. The man was unarmed according to witnesses, and at no point does the video show the man trying to strike or fight the officers.

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What makes the story far more unusual and significant is the reaction of the crowd. While the video does not show anyone in the crowd trying to physically resist or fight the police, a number of onlookers were particularly vocal in their objections to the behavior of the police. Some moved in just close enough that most of the sixteen or so officers on the scene quickly shifted their focus to trying to keep the crowd back. The police very clearly appeared nervous and concerned about being surrounded and outnumbered by an angry (but non-violent) crowd. Ironic, as these "brave" men and women were piled on top of one man, pummeling him into the ground.

This reaction by the witnesses speaks volumes about the current state of this country. Obviously, it does not take sixteencops to arrest one reportedly unarmed man who, as far as the video indicates, was not even fighting back. However, if you have a gang mentality; if you view the American people as “the enemy,” it makes sense that you would want at least dozen of your fellow armed thugs watching your back. Furthermore, if you need a small army watching your back in the middle of a Target store, there’s a good chance it’s because you’ve done something to earn the hatred of the general public.

Indeed, in many ways the police have good reason to view the general public as their enemy, as the police themselves have become the enemy of both freedom and justice. Last night, in that Target in Brooklyn, it was obvious that the people did not view those police officers as brave men and women making the community safer. They viewed the cops as what they so often are: a dangerous, unpredictable, violent gang who care more about having power and control than they do the safety of the people they should be protecting.