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New York, NY - Earlier this week, an NYPD traffic officer was filmed yelling at a cab driver, and essentially giving him a ticket for getting stuck in traffic. Before the camera started rolling, there was an altercation between the cab driver and the officer, but it is not clear how the disagreement began.

As the cab was pulling off, the driver flipped the officer the middle finger. Free Thought Project contributor Bob Tuskin was on the scene and decided to take out his camera and begin filming. Before the camera started rolling, the cab driver got stuck in traffic behind a line of vehicles and inadvertently blocked the crosswalk for a few seconds.

At that point, the officer seizes the opportunity to write a ticket and chases after the cab down the street. By now, Tuskin's camera was rolling and he was able to catch the officer yelling at the cab driver and giving him a ticket. When he approached the vehicle, he quickly wrote the ticket and slapped it on the cab's windshield, despite the fact that the driver was in the car and in the middle of traffic. The officer then shouted "blocking the crosswalk, that's what you got, you got a ticket for blocking the crosswalk, have fun, stupidass!"

According to our witness, the alleged crosswalk violation was barely noticeable, but the officer was itching to give the cabbie a ticket because he flipped him off during their earlier encounter. It is also important to point out that it is dangerous to put a ticket on the windshield of a moving vehicle.

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NYPD has some of the most notoriously obnoxious police officers in the country, and we have documented numerous cases over the years where NYPD cops have acted like total thugs in the line of duty.

A New York police Lieutenant decided to become infamous last year as he told a person filming that it is illegal to film police. Despite it not being illegal, the officer was persistent as he forcefully told the man that it was. Just a few months prior to that, a hidden camera caught NYPD cops arresting a man for no reason after a traffic stop. The man refused search, but was searched anyway, and was never given an explanation as to why he was pulled over.

In the video from this week, which can be seen below, the NYPD cop displays the same type of arrogance and ruthlessness shown by other NYPD officers in the past.

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