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Michael Saffioti suffered from an extreme dairy allergy. On July 3rd, 2012 Mr. Saffioti ate something in prison that set this allergy off.

He tried to tell the guards about his negative reaction but they refused to take action. He pleaded with guards to see the nurse, but instead was told to go to his cell. Saffioti, knowing that this reaction could kill him was jumping up and down in his cell pleading with the guards to bring him to the nurse. He was ignored. Thirty minutes later he was found unconscious in his cell, and pronounced dead shortly after.

This neglect by the guards is criminal. Ignoring a man as he dies in his cell takes a special kind of sicko.

To add to the tragedy, Mr., Saffioti was in prison for causing absolutely zero harm to anyone. He was arrested for possessing a plant. Yes that's right, a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge, a victim-less crime, blindly enforced by the state has led to the tragic death of this young man.

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