Innocent Father of 3 In Critical Condition After Cops Responded to Wrong Home and Shot Him

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Stockbridge, GA – Responding to a 911 call, Henry County police arrived at the wrong house on Wednesday and shot an innocent homeowner in the neck. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) is investigating the incident due to the fact that the Henry County police shot a man who had committed no crime and who had no involvement with the initial 911 call.

According to the GBI, a 911 dispatcher received a call reporting gunshots and a woman screaming for help at 11:54 p.m. on Tuesday. Unable to obtain an exact address, the 911 operator dispatched three Henry County cops who arrived at the wrong house around 1:30 a.m. on Wednesday.

Hearing his dogs barking around 1:30 a.m., William Powell, 63, grabbed his gun and went outside to check their safety. According to his mother-in-law, Geraldine Huey, 85, Powell had gone outside to investigate a possible intruder.

“He went to see what the dogs were carrying on about,” recalled Huey, who lives next door. “He (picked) up his gun and when he got to the gate, they shot him.”

Although officers told GBI investigators that Powell refused to drop his gun, neighbors assert that the cops failed to identify themselves before suddenly shooting Powell in the neck. Shot in his driveway, Powell was taken to Atlanta Medical Center and remains in critical condition as of Thursday morning.

After eventually locating the correct house, Henry County police discovered that no shots had been fired and no one inside the residence confirmed accusations of a woman screaming.

“There was an argument there, however, they indicated that there was no screaming for help or shots fired,” GBI spokesman Scott Dutton told WGCL.

According to the GBI, Henry County PD arrived at the wrong house and shot a man who had nothing to do with the initial 911 call. An Air Force veteran and father of three, Powell had no reason to interact with police according to GBI investigators.

With no officers injured in the shooting, the Henry County police refuse to identify the cops involved in the attempted murder of an innocent man on his own property. After placing the officer who shot Powell on paid administrative leave, the Henry County police refuse to answer any questions regarding the unnecessary shooting.

“He worked all his life. Went to school,” Huey described her wounded son-in-law. “Just somebody you’d really like to know. He’s right here for me any time.”

According to GBI spokesman Dutton, much remains unclear about the shooting.

“The officers were at the wrong location,” Dutton admitted. “Something got lost in communication.”

Last month, Henry County police SWAT officers killed a man who had attempted to shoot his father earlier that evening. His father had fled the house unharmed before the militarized cops killed his son.

Dispatched to the wrong house on a burglary call less than a year ago, a DeKalb County officer shot a homeowner and a fellow officer. A dog was also killed in the needless shooting.

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