Cops Burn Man’s Genitals with Taser in Front of His Family

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Daniel Johnson was cooking dinner at his mother’s home when a man knocked at the door to tell him that his father was outside getting a ticket for throwing a cigarette on the ground.

The complaint describes Johnson’s father as a 58-year-old disabled man who walks with a cane and often drops things because of nerve damage in his hands.

LA Sheriff’s “Deputy Abdulfattah,” as named in the complaint, explained to Johnson he was giving his father a $1,000 ticket and community service for littering.

Johnson offered to pick the cigarette up from the ground, when Abdulfattah told Johnson, “I can write you a ticket too if you want,” according to the complaint.

“I asked if it would be possible for me to just pick it up,” Johnson told NBC4. “We don’t have $1,000 to pay that ticket.”

Johnson’s mother came outside as Johnson began to walk away, until the other deputy, named in the complaint as “Deputy Russell,” allegedly grabbed Johnson from behind and tried to slam him against the patrol car and into a concrete post, the complaint states.

Johnson’s parents asked the deputies to “leave him alone” because he “hasn’t done anything wrong.”

Russell, according to the complaint, allegedly put Johnson in a “full nelson hold” with his arms under Johnson’s armpits and hand behind Johnson’s head.

At the same time Russell then allegedly took Johnson to the ground, Abdulfattah allegedly hit Johnson’s father in the face, according to the complaint.

While Johnson was held to the ground by Russell, Abdulfattah used a Taser on Johnson’s genitals multiple times, the complaint stated.

“He was definitely point blank,” Johnson said. “He was right above me as he Tased me, so there’s no mistake that he was trying to Tase me in my genitalia.”

His mother said the deputy stared at her while she screamed.

“He’s looking directly at me every time he pulls that trigger, and at one point my son says, ‘Mom, I’m OK,” Johnson’s mother, Rose Gonzales, told NBC4. “So at that point, I realize this guy is doing this because I am reacting.”

Johnson said in the complaint he “smell his flesh burning from the tases” and was screaming in pain, the station reported. He insisted to the deputies he was not resisting, he told the station.

He was charged with battery, which was later dropped, the station reported.

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