Damning Evidence Implicates the AP in Conspiracy with Clinton to Announce False Delegate Win

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A bombshell report revealed Hillary Clinton almost certainly colluded with the Associated Press to announce she’d won the presumptive nomination of the Democratic Party.

A firestorm exploded on Monday night when the AP abruptly announced Clinton had garnered sufficient delegates and superdelegates to clinch the nomination — before California even held its primary. Irate voters justifiably condemned the inexplicable announcement as premature, especially in light of California polls showing Clinton outpaced by or neck and neck with Bernie Sanders.

While the AP report had been widely condemned, many took it a step further, suspecting the Democratic establishment might have had its hands in the effort.

Now, it appears those suspicions may have been vindicated.

A Twitter user under the handle @Cold_Stare posted a video clip of an email she received from Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Embedded in a red graphic with the caption, “So this just happened,” sits an image of the tweet the AP posted with its announcement.

As @Cold_Stare demonstrates, when she copied the image address url and placed it in her browser, a portion of that url contains the words “secret win V2” — with V2 likely indicating ‘version 2.’ Even more revealing, that url bears the date June 4, 2016 — two days prior to the contentious announcement from the Associated Press.

And the evidence of possible collusion doesn’t end there.

Journalist Shaun King posted an image to Facebook of a partially-redacted email from AP Washington Bureau reporter Alan Fram, which he claimed had been passed to him by an unnamed congressional staffer. Though the recipient(s) field had been redacted, a portion of the partly-redacted subject line reads “presidential preference.” That email, time-stamped Monday at 12:03 pm, states:

“[REDACTED] you reachable briefly re above? We’re rounding up superdelegates. Washington”

Shocking though the evidence may be, it’s paradoxically equally not surprising. Throughout the entire election season, questionable results following primaries and caucuses and in a few cases, what appears to be outright fraud, seem to have magically aided Clinton’s bid for the presidency.

With the California primary on the line, Hillary’s campaign resorted to dirty tactics to make it appear as if the vote wouldn’t matter — in hopes that an announcement from a so-called reliable source like the AP would dissuade them from showing up at the polls.

Perhaps the plot unraveled most, as pointed out by Shadowproof, in the lack of an accompanying statement from the Democratic National Committee — no congratulatory announcement, no joint statement with Clinton — nothing. After all, the first female presumptive presidential nominee in history would seem to warrant, well, something — that is, if there were any shred of truth to what the AP said.

But with California’s primary set to open in a matter of hours, the Associated Press and the Clinton campaign felt threatened enough by Sanders’ popular support, they unleashed a secret weapon.

Fortunately, voters and independent media have paid close attention to mainstream media’s obsequious affinity for Hillary — and immediately suspected less-than-genuine dealings at play.

And the most basic fact remains: superdelegates do not vote until July. Period. No matter how much the mainstream press attempts to ignore that not-at-all picayune detail by lumping superdelegates into polling numbers or through shady or nonexistent surveys as was done in the case of the AP announcement.

“Any night that you have a primary or caucus, and the media lumps the superdelegates in — that they basically polled by calling them up and saying who are you supporting — they don’t vote until the convention,” DNC communications director Luis Miranda told CNN’s Jake Tapper in April. “And so, they shouldn’t be included in any count.”

Sanders, in the meantime, has persisted in his White House goals — undeterred by underhanded dealings, and largely abstaining from the mudslinging that so characterizes this year’s election.

Perhaps the most comical irony of the incompetently-disguised attempt to declare Hillary the nominee is the backlash of fury from voters will cause them not to align behind her — even if she does actually win the nomination.

Whatever your politics, even if you’re an avid nonvoter, the mainstream media’s and establishment’s utter lack of ethics during this entire electoral process should be a red warning banner. When the military-industrial machine, the Big Banks, Big Pharma, for-profit prisons, and countless other unsavory entities openly support one candidate, they will stop at nothing to ensure that person ultimately wins the White House.

Any notions your vote actually counts — in any significant way — should be abandoned after the blatant fraud and underhanded tactics throughout the 2016 election.

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