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Seattle, WA — Alex Randall was on his way to work earlier this month on his motorcycle when he was assaulted with a deadly weapon by a King County Sheriff’s Department detective. The detective was in the midst of a seeming power trip mixed with road rage when he held an innocent man at gunpoint and no one would’ve have known about it had Randall not been filming.

The stop, which happened on August 16, was just brought to the attention of King County Sheriff John Urquhart. As soon as Urquhart saw the video, he immediately put the detective on administrative leave and called Randall personally to apologize.

The Free Thought Project has reported on many videos of many cops needlessly assaulting people with firearms. However, this incident exposes one of the most brazenly ridiculous and dangerous cops we’ve ever seen.

“This video shows the boldness of the King County Sheriffs Deputies and lack of fear of repercussions in threatening and intimidating an unarmed citizen with excessive use of force,” Randall wrote on YouTube.

As the video begins, Randall is pulling up to a red light behind another vehicle and comes to a stop. All of the sudden a man in plain clothes sneaks up behind him with a gun.

“I turn and I am completely unprepared for what I see, which is a man with a gun in my face. And my first reaction is to simply put my hands up,” Randall told KOMO News on Monday about the encounter. “I’m not really able to hear because I’ve got my bike going, I’ve got my helmet on, I’m surprised at what’s happening.”

“What are you doing to me?” Randall said to the man holding him at gunpoint, who never showed him his badge.

“What do you mean what am I doing?” the deputy said. “You’re fucking driving reckless. Give me your driver’s license or I’m going to knock you off this bike.”

“I will pull over. I am unarmed,” Randall said.

“Take your ID out right now,” says the detective. “Move this bike and I’m gonna dump you,” he threatens again.

After their brief exchange, and while he is still assaulting the man with a deadly weapon, the detective, who conveniently remains unnamed by the department, then violates Randall’s Fourth Amendment right and reaches into his pocket and pulls out his wallet.

“I’m sorry. You have a gun drawn on me, so I’m a little panicked,” Randall said.

Only after he’d held him at gunpoint and illegally searched him did the detective identify himself.

“You’re right, because I’m the police,” the deputy said. “That’s right. When you’re driving and you’re going to place people at risk at 100 miles an hour plus on the God dang roadway.”

According to Randall, however, he was not driving 100 mph and that was a “fabrication and exaggeration.” Also, the detective never issued him a citation for the alleged speeding.

On Monday, Randall decided to file a complaint and this is when he found out that the detective never filed a “Use of Force” report for the incident—in spite of holding him at gunpoint.

Nearly two weeks after the incident, after having discussed the video with attorneys, Randall decided to file a complaint with the King County Sheriffs Department, Office
of the Ombudsman, and the Office of Law Enforcement Oversight.

According to Randall, he is conducting his own investigation after being given the detectives name. He is looking into his past complaints to see if he’s done anything like this before.

“I’ve only seen, heard one half the story. So, I’m going to caveat my statement with that,” Urquhart said Monday. “However, I’m not happy with what I saw. It’s very, very troubling. I can’t think of an excuse for it. But again, I haven’t talked to the deputy yet.”

“The fact that he had his gun out on a traffic stop. For a reckless driving. Allegedly reckless driving. Which is a misdemeanor. You don’t pull your gun out on somebody for something like that. We just don’t do that,” Urquhart added.

After the stop, Randall asked several questions which are undoubtedly warranted. One question is why did the detective escalate to deadly force immediately? Another question is why is he holding the gun in a way to seemingly hide it? How was Randall supposed to know that he wasn’t being held up by a criminal? And, if his driving was so terrible as the detective claimed, causing him to draw his pistol—why wasn’t Randall given a citation?

These and many more questions remain. As you watch the video below, think about all the incidents—not captured on video—in which we hear about unarmed individuals who are shot and killed by police officers. It is not unsafe to assume that some of those incidents could’ve happened just like this one.

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Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project. Follow @MattAgorist on Twitter, Steemit, and now on Facebook.


  1. The lack of citation is the most damning piece of evidence against the cop. If he couldn’t restrain himself from waving a goddamn gun around, there’s NO FUCKING WAY he would have cut the guy any slack with the ticket-pad!

    • I will remind everyone, including you dear lady and Steve too. The cop did not file A Use-Of-Force- Report as he is required to do, on top of not giving a ticket for supposed reckless driving at unsafe speeds ! That is what makes this as smelly as hell, thinking that the cop knew he screwed up big time, and was just hoping it would all go away. That was untill getting caught after the complaint was filed, and the Chief seeing it later.

  2. Um… I am guessing this will not stand up in court. Reckless driving offense? If the cop has proof of that, then this guy is out of luck. This is a false narrative, in my opinion. The cop caught the guy doing over 100mph.

        • I didn’t actually insult you. I just told you NOT to be a moron. My assumption that you have that option should actually flatter you.

        • Let me elaborate then. It is incredibly stupid to believe that a cop who has witnessed a driver going 100 mph in a city and driving recklessly pulls a gun on the motorist but can’t be bothered to write him a traffic citation. Clearly, this asshole pulled him over for some other reason–apparently something to do with his ID, which was the only thing the cop was after, since his whole demeanor changed after he stole it from the kid and looked at it. But perhaps that’s too complicated for you.

    • Did you see any video of this, or are you just blindly taking the word of someone who has EVERY REASON to lie right now? Don’t be that kind of boot-licking moron!

      • You know Damiana, I think I love you! JK. I did watch the video and heard the question: why were you driving 100mph? To which the cyclist replied with a shrug. In my town, if the cops catch you driving 100mph+, they will walk up to you with their hand on their weapon. My point is, there are so many more obvious abuses of power by the po-po, this just happens not to be one of them. Now come here and give me a hug… 😉

        • Even if you’re right, the punishment for that kind of reckless driving is a giant fucking ticket, not the cruel and dangerous “sport” of an angry cop. The fact that no ticket was written tells me that the cop was either lying through his teeth in the first place, or else he KNEW that pulling his gun was a fuckup and just let it go to cover his own ass.

          Either way, the cop was WRONG. If you really believe he’s telling the truth, then you should be furious at him for letting some psycho walk off Scot-free after driving 100MPH.

          *opens her arms amiably*

    • are you so gullable, that you actually believe that a cop who is willing to pull his gun, over a traffic stop, is not also going to write out a ticket for said traffic violation. it makes me wonder, I this cop your boyfriend????. why else would you try and defend the pos.

  3. The cop didn’t identify himself until after he’d robbed the man of his wallet. He pulled a gun, escalating a traffic stop to the highest level of deadly force. He failed to file a required report of use of force. And he never issued a citation for this supposed “reckless” driving. How many days of paid vacation will he be rewarded with?

      • Do you know how long he’d had his lights flashing? Obviously, the kid on the bike didn’t see that it was a cop, judging by his reaction. And not particularly surprising since most people waiting at a traffic signal don’t spend the time looking in their mirrors, but at the light to know when it changes. And whether he knew he was a cop or not, there was ZERO need to even draw a gun, much less point it at the motorist. And still no answer as to why a cop seeing someone driving 100 mph and being “reckless” would not write a ticket?

        • I’m a little confused. I’ve driven in scores of cities and can’t recall a single time I could have driven 100 MPH without being blocked by other cars, stop signs/lights, curves in the road, etc. Help me reason this one through please.

          • Me neither G’ma. And using just a tiny fraction of my IQ, I’m able to discern the following: If someone had been able to get a motorcycle up to 100 mph on city streets, with a screaming engine, weaving in and out of traffic, running traffic control devices, probably having near misses with many automobiles on the journey, AND that person was witnessed doing this by a cop, AND the cop caught up to the guy at a stop light, THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL THAT PERSON WOULD BE GOING HOME WITHOUT A CITATION. So, my guess is that the “reckless driving” never happened, and this cop, like many, is a rank, and poor, liar.

      • You are not too perceptive are you? Was there any lights? Nope. Was the cop undercover? Yep. Was the cop in an undercover car? Yep.

        • Better check the video again where you can clearly see flashing lights in the normal place for an undercover vehicle. The windshield.

    • The officer is never allowed to grab the wallet off your person much less out of a cooperating individual. His rights were clearly violated and this cop needs a few weeks of unpaid vacation time off

      • Unpaid time off my butt. This idiot is not just supposed to KNOW the law, but took an oath to enforce it. What happens to you or me if we walk up to a stranger who’s pissed us off, draw a gun on them, and take their wallet at gunpoint? SAME THING SHOULD HAPPEN TO THIS NEANDERTHAL, only with an enhanced sentence due to the aggravating circumstance that he’s doubly supposed to know better.

  4. The only time a gun should be drawn is if the officer feels his life is endangered, nowhere did the MC driver display any threatening words and or mannnerisms. He fucked up and that is why the police chief called to appologize. The MC driver should follow up with a civil lawsuit to prevent this from happening again. Completely illeagal in every sense of the word!


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