“The Number one problem in Hollywood was and always will be pedophilia.”

-Corey Feldman, During interview with ABC News

Up until now, Corey Feldman’s attempt to blow the whistle on pedophilia and child abuse in Hollywood, have fallen on deaf ears. The actor’s troubled past made him easily dismissable in the mainstream, and his bombshell accusations were simply swept under the rug.

However, Feldman’s claims have now been backed up by another Hollywood child star.

Hollywood is in the midst of a massive sexual abuse scandal, which can be compared to that of Jimmy Savile in Britain, childhood star turned adult actor Elijah Wood has claimed.

Coming onto the silver screen for the first time in Back to the Future Part II in 1989, Wood has been a critically acclaimed actor for decades.

At age 35, Elijah has now come forward in a recent interview to blow the lid off of the dark underground world of child acting in Hollywood.

In an interview with the Sunday Times, Wood dropped a bombshell, noting how child actors were regularly “preyed upon” by industry figures.

“Clearly something major was going on in Hollywood,” said Wood. “It was all organized.”

What Wood is talking about is the rampant sexual abuse of childhood actors which has been previously exposed by Corey Feldman as well as Corey Haim.

In an episode of their reality TV show, The Two Coreys, a candid fight broke out during which Haim claimed Feldman stood by and watched as a person Feldman “still hangs out with” and is “best friends with” proceeded to “rape” the 14-year-old Haim.

“There are a lot of vipers in this industry, people who only have their own interests in mind,” continued Elijah Wood in his interview. “There is a darkness in the underbelly – if you can imagine it, it’s probably happened.”

When noting how he was able to escape the molestation during his childhood in Hollywood, Elijah noted that he had good parents who protected him and who did not let him attend these parties.

“She was far more concerned with raising me to be a good human than facilitating my career,” he said.

Wood says the abuse runs unchecked because the victims “can’t speak as loudly as people in power.”

“That’s the tragedy of attempting to reveal what is happening to innocent people,” he said. “They can be squashed but their lives have been irreparably damaged.”

What Wood is referring to is the immense power of Hollywood elites to control the narrative and quash any allegations of abuse before they even happen.

The same owners of Hollywood also own the majority of other mainstream media. While none of them are specifically implicated, a handful of people, News Corp. President Peter Chernin, Paramount Pictures Chairman Brad Grey, Walt Disney Co. Chief Executive Robert Iger, Sony Pictures Chairman Michael Lynton, Warner Bros. Chairman Kevin Tsujihara, CBS Corp. Chief Executive Leslie Moonves whose great uncle was the first prime minister of Israel, MGM Chairman Terrence Lanni, and former NBC Universal Chief Executive Jeff Zucker, who is currently the president of CNN Worldwide, all run the movie industry as well as the television and news scenes.

With the massive resources of the mainstream media, covering up the allegations of rape of dozens of children would be a simple task.

“If you’re innocent you have very little knowledge of the world and you want to succeed,” explained Elijah of the poor children and their parents who become easy prey as they seek out their dreams of becoming Hollywood stars.

Another sad facet to this underground world of child predation is the fact that police not only look the other way, but they’ve often been exposed for participating in it.

Last year, an abuse survivor bravely broke her silence to tell her horrific childhood story. In an interview with Sky News, Esther Baker, 32, explained how she and other children were raped by the elite and politicians as uniformed police officers stood guard.

Also last year, Jessa Dillow-Crisp testified at the Colorado State Capitol, during Human Trafficking Awareness and Advocacy Day, about the horrible experiences that she had in her past.

“I was a little girl and was sexually abused by family members. I had to pose for pornographers and was sold to countless men on a daily basis,” she said.

To make matters even more hopeless for the woman, she was unable to report the abuse or go to the police because there were a number of police officers who were actually involved in the kidnapping and abuse.

“There was gang raping, the police officer who handcuffed me and raped me, told me I would be put in jail if I opened my voice,” she said.

Sadly, positions of power, whether state-backed or not often attract society’s worst. Knowing they are above the law, these sickos are allowed to target innocence for their own disgusting desires.

In his interview, Elijah Wood summed up this notion perfectly when he said, “People with parasitic interests will see you as their prey.” And, unfortunately, they continue to get away with it.

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Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project. Follow @MattAgorist on Twitter, Steemit, and now on Facebook.


  1. Uh.. You sound like you are trying really, really hard to be articulate and eccentric. You either have some mental illnesses and you’re also showing some delusions of grandeur.

    “Sewer Nation”? Whoa, you’re so deep. Are you hoping for these terms to catch on like some kind of revolutionist, or is it just something cool you heard someone else say? Either way, you’re not fooling anybody and you come across as pompous and quite frankly quite silly too.

    But then I see you tossing around words like “snowflakes” and claiming people are “crying” over trump “removing criminals” … So you’re just brainedwashed and ignorant. You’re making judgments about other people’s lives like you’re some kind of modern fucking Nostradamus. Relax with that if you want to be taken seriously, to everyone here you look like a crackpot and with good reason.

    Anyways, you’re supporting a hateful regime that might very well collapse the U.S. As a country we love you guys, but your president isn’t exactly popular outside of his circle.

    Just remember; the harder you try, the dumber you look. What character are you trying to be anyways, Jack Sparrow? Yeah for someone who uses the term “snowflake” it sure seems like you want to be special, “precious” (Are you fkin Gollum or something?) 😂

    If you do have mental illnesses then whatever, you’re excused, but otherwise you are supporting an evil ideology and you sound like you think you’re above others or enlightened. You’re not, precious.

  2. Awkward moment when you can tell someone is trying really, really hard for a certain image. :L

    I hope I didn’t come off as too insulting but somebody should be socially obligated to tell you how you’re coming off. Maybe lay off the esoteric language. If that is just how you speak then I guess you are larger than life.

    • From one of your OWN comments;
      “So you’re just brainedwashed and ignorant…”
      “Awkward moment when you can tell someone is trying really, really hard for a certain image. :L”

      Awkward for whom, Shlomo?, Someone OTHER than you hopefully.

      Perhaps it would be a good idea for you to stop attacking OTHERS’ implied image until you can raise yours above “syntax challenged”?

      What certain image are YOU trying “really, really” hard for? A huge dripping colon with legs?
      If so, believe me, you accomplished that long ago.

      Stop your attempts at running interference for those who emulate your life choices.

  3. satanism and money, perverts who do satans’ little helping earn a reward. It’s in the Bible. It’s not talked about much but it’s the devil in your ears as you come down off drugs. It’s a ritual, a ceremony, sacrificial rites and perversion is nothing new in this world but one day all the scum will have to pay.
    If more people knew about drugs and why they are key to cause and effect of the problems that vulnerable kids fall as prey to monsters, the better. I believe that people like Corey Feldman would happily live in a world without excess and share a spliff with other like minded people.
    The palace of wisdom is the tower of babel in tarot cards, I believe. There is a war of good and evil in each soul, the devil’s side may seem to get their oats but God protects and saves souls. Fear makes people unable to speak their own minds, that’s why saying a prayer for others brings peace. Corey Feldman is a brave man for speaking up against the all pervading silence. I hope that he finds peace but you can tell that the guy sees so much more into the truth of things that people just don’t understand. I love the movies he stars in and the world likes to spoil such people because of that word ‘cool.’
    The devil likes to fuck up such people and that is part of a conspiracy to destroy things like beauty and love.


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