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After three terrorists drove a van over London Bridge, mowed down pedestrians, jumped out and started stabbing innocent victims, the world was shocked and, in a moment of mutual sadness, the world came together in solidarity with the people of London. Many Muslim groups across the world issued real statements decrying the terror attack, with some even going so far as to issue a fatwa against the terrorist regime. However, CNN, for some reason, felt it was necessary to stage their own.

A video surfaced Sunday night of CNN essentially scripting an entire scene of Muslims in alleged solidarity with London. However, once one watches the video, we see that it is not at all what it seems.

Police and reporters alike cordon off a section of the street, move the group of people into the frame — just like the set of a movie — and the begin the broadcast.

Multiple reports on social media actually showed the very same group being brought across town and used in different scenes which suggested coordination with other media outlets.

As the video and the reports on social media began to go viral, CNN was bombarded with complaints from viewers calling them out for their overtly fake news. However, CNN responded in utter denial. “This is nonsense. Police let demonstrators through the cordon to show their signs. CNN along with other media simply filmed them doing so,” CNN International said in a statement. “Police allowed demonstrators thru cordon “so they could show their signs” to media, @CNNPR says. CNN, BBC, AP “simply filmed them doing so,” claimed CNN’s Brian Stelter. However, allowing people through a police line to frame a shot for a news bite — is not reporting the news — it is faking it.

Sadly, many anti-Muslim news outlets are using this blunder by CNN to claim there is no solidarity among Muslims and non-Muslims when, in actuality, there is.

The Free Thought Project has reported on countless instances of Muslims not only decrying terrorism en masse, but holding massive protests against the tactics of IS. After all, Muslims and Christians in the Middle East are subject to far more ISIS tactics than anyone in the West.

The demonstrators in CNN's video below may have even been real demonstrators out to show their solidarity too. However, CNN's attempt to script it entirely discredited them.

The reality of this situation, as illustrated in CNN's fake news, is that people use propaganda to push their agendas and fuel hatred. Now, those who may have actually been open to embracing other cultures will likely go back to their obstinate ways thanks to fake news.

For those that may be unaware, this is hardly the first time CNN has been called out for fake news. As the Free Thought Project reported in January, to discuss Obama’s diplomatically combative actions — based on, as the White House termed it, “Significant Malicious Cyber-Enabled Activities” — CNN opted for canned, industry-standard footage, ostensibly depicting hacking on a computer screen.

But it wasn’t hacking. At all. And, expectedly, the Internet hastily slammed the preposterous gaffe.

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Because the footageCNNchose — from role-playing action video game Fallout 4 — humorously mimics the absurdly thin accusations about Russia hacking anything in the U.S.

As PC Gamer’s Shaun Prescott observes about Bethesda Game Studios’ creation:

“It'd be pretty hard for the Russians to hack America using the computers in Fallout 4. For one, the computers in Fallout 4 are not connected to the internet: in Bethesda's alternative history, America never makes it that far into the future. Another obstacle stopping Russia from hacking America via the computers in Fallout 4 is that, no matter how you approach it, it'd simply be impossible.”

Before that, CNN was part of another deceitful segment after the city of Brussels was shaken by multiple bombing attacks at the airport and later at the metro station right next to the European Union headquarters in March of last year.

As the world took to the internet and tuned in to their televisions for answers on these tragic events, multiple news outlets, including the Free Thought Project, were hurriedly putting out all the information we could obtain.

During this massive search and presentation of information, some disinformation made its way out on the airwaves, as well as the interwebs.

While claiming to have CCTV footage from the attacks in Brussels, CNN ran a clip of a chaotic scene of a smoke-filled subway tube with people running for their lives.

Citing the non-existent Twitter handle, @OnlinMagazine as their source, CNN showed a looped video of people frantically attempting to escape a burning subway while Chris Cuomo pretended he was a reporter.

The issue with this looped chaos used by CNN for dramatic effect is that it's not from March 22, 2016, in Brussels -- It's from the April 11, 2011, bombing of the Minsk Metro in Belarus.

No retraction has been made and, in fact, the video is still available for viewing on the media giant's own YouTube channel.