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St. Louis, MO-- Jeff Roorda, business manager for the St. Louis Police Officer’s Association, allegedly assaulted a black woman at Wednesday evening's public hearing on local control at City Hall- while wearing a bracelet proclaiming "I Am Darren Wilson."

The incident occurred moments after Roorda made a spectacle of himself by yelling “How about some order here?” at public safety committee chairman, Alderman Terry Kennedy. The shout came as a police officer was being heckled while giving testimony about the proposed legislation of a civilian oversight board. Kennedy responded to Roorda, reminding him, “First of all, you do not tell me my function.” Roorda was also heard yelling, “We’re supposed to rely on aldermen like Terry Kennedy to provide a fair civilian review board for our members when we just saw a sham of a process in his very own hearing."“I’ve had several people come up to me to thank me for maintaining decorum in this meeting by showing respect to individuals who came forward. It’s unfortunate that the city has the kind of division we have but we have to begin to work on it," the alderman calmly responded. In typical Police Union fashion, this caused the spokesman to jump out of his seat to storm from the room like a petulant child having a tantrum. A young woman was attempting to exit at the same time, and instead of acting like an adult, Roorda tried to shove her out of his way, then shoved her a second time, causing a scrape across the woman's forehead.

The riled up union rep had to be held back from rushing at the crowd who formed, outraged at the assault they had just witnessed.

Roorda was not arrested for the assault, proving the offensive statement on his bracelet to be correct.

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