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Denver, CO — In the ostensible land of the free, we are witnessing a steady increase in the use of heavy police force against very small children. What was once a rare occurrence has seemingly become commonplace in today's American society. Case in point: a six-year-old little girl was met with a swarm of cops on her bus after she had a tantrum in response to being bullied. She is only 6.

The Free Thought Project was contacted by the mother of the girl who tells us her daughter has special needs. On Wednesday, Kristin Stark received a call from the bus driver telling her that they had stopped the bus because her daughter was having a temper tantrum.

"Before this video was recorded I had received a call from the bus company saying that I had to come pick up my daughter at a random intersection," she told TFTP. "They were having issues with her and called the police."

Stark tells TFTP that her daughter was being bullied on the bus and was kicked by another student. She reacted by throwing a tantrum.

"And instead of diffusing the situation these "professionals" felt so threatened by my 6-year-old who had no weapons or anything that they called the cops," she said.

But police made the situation worse, according to Stark. When the first Denver Public School police officer arrived, Stark tells TFTP that he physically went after her tiny daughter.

"One of DPS safety officers held her face down on the bus floor until police arrived," she said.

When Stark arrived to pick up her daughter she was shocked to find four police cars surrounding the bus as if a tiny 6-year-old girl was a threat to anyone.

"As you can see on the video, my daughter was absolutely terrified and hysterical when I got to her. And no one would allow me to help her gather her belongings from the bus, nor would they help her. If you are an ADULT and afraid of a 6 year old child then perhaps you shouldn't be a bus driver in the first place," Stark wrote in a Facebook post.

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Stark said her daughter was stabbed with a pencil by another student and the same bus driver that called the cops on her daughter, failed to even tell her about the pencil stabbing.

"The driver didn't even mention it to me and when I called to complain to the supervisor, I got no where. I realize it wasn't a super severe injury but wow, they can't keep him off my daughter...maybe he shouldn't be on the bus," she said.

Stark hopes this video will shed light on this and many other problems within the Denver Public School system.

"Since DPS isn't handling my concerns maybe they will listen now," Stark said. "I have filed complaints about previous issues with everyone and anyone including the operational superintendent and clearly the situation is only getting worse instead of better. It is to the point that my child won't be able to attend school unless we can figure out alternative transportation as I currently do not have a car."

As the video below illustrates, it's not just Denver Public Schools, but America that has a serious problem. When did it become acceptable for cops to swarm a 6-year-old with special needs because she was upset about being bullied on a bus?

Sadly, cases like this are becoming more and more common. We just reported on a video this week in Florida in which another 6-year-old girl fell victim to the police state. In that case, little Kaia Rolle was handcuffed with zip-ties and hauled off to the juvenile detention center where she was booked into the jail. She was fingerprinted and even had her mugshot taken. Exactly how anyone involved this process thought this was acceptable is a mystery.

The good news is that the officer who arrested her was fired immediately after arresting the child and all of Kaia Rolle's charges were dropped and her record expunged. However, that did not reverse the horrifyingly traumatic experience this little girl underwent at the hands of the Florida police state.

Hopefully, as more videos like this one surface, they will serve as a wake up call that society is becoming increasingly reliant on armed agents of the state to deal with minor behavior issues that should never involve government guns.