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Baltimore, MD — "When you see something, say something" is the saying Americans are constantly bombarded with by the state. This normally refers to citizens reporting fellow citizens for behavior that they might think is suspicious. But two rights flexing brothers from Baltimore turned the tables on see something, say something when they saw a cop violating the rights of two teens. They chose to step in and say something and because of their actions, two teens were protected from the corrupt police state.

Earlier this month, Ray Smith and his brother

When you see something say something. Cops out here breaking laws. Big Bro shut it down

Posted by Ray Smith on Saturday, January 19, 2019

" target="_blank" rel="noopener"> noticed a Baltimore police officer confiscating the book sacks of two teens who apparently had done nothing wrong. So, they stepped in to film the police and then took it further by calling out the officer.

"Yo, it's illegal for him to take your bags," the man filming says to the teens who are pleading with the officer to get back their property.

"You can't take his bag," he says to the officer.

"Bye bye," the officer says attempting to wave the two men on. But they were having nothing of it.

The two brothers stood by and made sure the teens got their property back. Seeing that they were not backing down and that he was on video, the officer then gave the bags back to the teens.

With his pride seemingly hurt, the officer then demands the teens leave as a last stitch effort to assert his authority.

"You need to get off my corner," says the cop.

"What makes it your corner?" asked the man filming.

"This badge makes it my corner," states the cop, making a chilling assertion that his citizen funded badge somehow gives him domain to command innocent people at will.

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"The badge makes you a peace officer," says one of the men.

Apparently, the two teens were attempting to raise some money for themselves by offering the citizens of Baltimore a service in exchange for money. While we don't know exactly what the kids were doing, we do know that they weren't selling drugs or robbing people or causing harm to anyone. They were simply trying to earn some money.

However, they apparently lacked the proper permitting or were in some kind of zone that disallowed their service, so the Baltimore officer stepped in.

"They just out here trying to make a couple dollars," the man filming says.

"But it's illegal," says the cop.

"There's a lot of other stuff they could be out here doing man," replies the man. "It's good that they're doing something that is not harming the community."

"Why did you choose to yell at me while they're standing there?" the officer asks.

"Because they got a right to stand there, just like you got a right to stand there....somebody needs to yell at you," says the man.

Just like that, the situation was resolved, rights were flexed, and the teens were protected from arrest or extortion for trying to earn an honest dollar.

When you see something say something. Cops out here breaking laws. Big Bro shut it down

Posted by Ray Smith on Saturday, January 19, 2019

The teens in the video above were lucky. Other citizens of Baltimore have not been able to walk away from situations like this one so successfully. Even entirely innocent people have been framed, beaten, and killed by the department who has earned the reputation for being one of the most corrupt in the country.

A federal probe of the city's Gun Trace Task Force unit last year exposed some of the worst police corruption in recent memory, including carrying around bags filled with BB guns to plant on people they shot.

It got so bad in Baltimore, as TFTP reported last this year, lawmakers in Baltimore accused the officers of being so corrupt that they proposed disbanding the entire department.