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Boston, MA -- A video uploaded to YouTube Friday shows a Boston police officer attempting to arrest a woman on a city bus in Dudley Square. The woman was allegedly under arrest for a petty theft, according to the video's description.

During the incident, the woman begins to resist the officer's advance and within seconds the officer recklessly draws his service weapon to use against the unarmed woman on a bus full of passengers. During the altercation, at least four passengers can be seen recording on their cell phones. As the situation progressed, this level of accountability proved extremely valuable.

Immediately after the trigger happy cop draws his gun, several bystanders can be heard ordering him to drop his weapon informing the officer that the woman, while resisting, obviously had no means of escape. The officer, after repeatedly being commanded to disarm, begrudgingly holstered his weapon. The onlookers then proceed to instruct both the officer and the woman to "relax" and "chill." Several passengers can also be heard telling the woman to calm down, offering reassurance by saying "we're here."

This no doubt speaks to the us vs. them mentality that many Americans justifiably hold towards law enforcement.

After a brief (non-fatal) struggle, more officers arrive and assist in arresting the woman without further incident or injury to themselves, the female suspect, or any innocent bystanders. This is an amazing example of how pressuring a police officer not to harm another person when unnecessary, can actually work.

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What does it say about the current state of policing in America when a bus full of passengers can de-escalate a situation more effectively than an individual who is supposedly trained to protect & serve?

The truth is that most human beings tend to be more prone towards peace than violence. When the majority of people see a violent confrontation, their natural reaction is to bring about a peaceful resolution. However, when an individual is given a "right" to initiate violence against others under the color of "law" it creates a moral inconsistency that has been used to justify the needless slaughter of millions.

Thankfully, video evidence is now demonstrating to people the truly horrific nature of this senseless violence, and how to stop it.

Johnny Liberty is a researcher and investigative journalist. You can follow him on Twitter @LibertyUnltd