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East Greenwich, RI — If the average citizen chased down a motorist, blocked them into a parking lot and opened fire on them in an act of road rage, rest assured that person would be immediately arrested. However, because of blue privilege, an off-duty Pawtucket police officer was seen on video chasing down an 18-year-old, shooting him as he tried to get away, and was not immediately arrested, as we reported last week.

Finally, however, Officer Daniel Dolan's blue privilege ran out and he was charged on Thursday with three counts of felony assault and one count of discharging a firearm in a crime of violence, which is also a felony.

According to investigators, Dolan told them that he saw a black Audi, driven by the victim, Dominic Vincent, 18, driving fast down the highway and assumed they were involved in a police chase — though no other cop cars were around and the Audi was not evading anyone.

Perhaps Dolan thought this because he admitted to investigators that he had just left the liquor store where he bought a six pack and began drinking — while driving.

Imagine the audacity and sheer brazen above-the-law attitude it would take to attempt to pull over a car, while off duty, and while drinking. There is no need to imagine, since it is depicted in the video below.

Vincent was simply travelling with two other teens to a pizza restaurant to pick up some pizzas before heading home to watch an NBA game. When Vincent tried to park to get his pizza, a drinking lunatic with a badge tried to kill him. Luckily, he didn't kill the teen.

As the video below shows, Dolan is in the white pickup truck and appears to be chasing the black car. When Vincent pulls into the pizza place, Dolan tries to block him in before jumping from his truck.

The off duty cop then grabs something from his hip — presumably his badge — and chases down the black car as it attempts to get away.

As Vincent backed up, the raging lunatic chased after him before opening fire on a car full of innocent teenagers.

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Dolan claimed that he was showing his badge so the teen should have stopped, yet he was in a personal vehicle, in plain clothes, drinking beer, and acting like a mad man when trying to stop the teen. It was for these reasons that Vincent did not stop.

Predictably, Dolan claimed he was forced to fire the shot because he feared for his life, saying the Audi was going to run him over.

“I heard my brother (Joseph) say, ‘Dominic, drive, we’re gonna die,'” Vincent Greco said.

Dominic Vincent said Dolan told him “you’re about to get shot,” right before firing his weapon.

Vincent then sped off before eventually stopping to wrap a sweatshirt around his arm. Dolan then came up to them again and began questioning Vincent as if he was the one who committed a crime.

“I’m like … why does it matter what I’m doing, like, you — you just shot me,” Vincent told police, according to a transcript of his interview with detectives, as reported by WPRI. “He’s just babbling on about how he wanted to get home to his kids, and I tried to run him over, which as I’ve stated multiple times, you can’t run someone over when you’re next to you.”

Naturally, Dolan's police union appointed attorney, Michael J. Colucci, claims Dolan violated no laws and says his client had every right to stop the teens and open fire on them.

“In various circumstances, police officers, even when off-duty, are expected to take action if they can, when they see something afoot,” Colucci said.

But nothing was afoot.