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Decatur, AL — The job of a police officer can be a arduous and punishing task as they deal with criminals on a daily basis who show no respect and often times try to hurt them. One would think that because of this high stress job, when police officers interact with polite individuals, they would return the favor. However, as the following video of an innocent group of men getting harassed and unlawfully searched illustrates, one would be wrong.

Over the weekend, an innocent business owner was handcuffed and searched without his consent for doing absolutely nothing wrong. CEO of Wave Rydaz Entertainment, Dizzy Dez tells the Free Thought Project that police told him they were in his neighborhood that day because someone called about seeing a man holding another man at gunpoint.

Dez and his friends were not holding anyone at gunpoint but they were filming and pointing a camera at people. Also, Dizzy disputes the officer's claims noting that if there was an actual call about a man holding another man at gunpoint, they would've likely sent more than one officer.

According to Dez, before the video starts, the officer approached Dez and his colleague, Sa'Von Hobbs, and demanded they put their hands in the air, which they did. The officer then handcuffed them both.

"I asked her. 'was I being detained,' she says, 'no' but proceeds to put me in handcuffs as I ask then why am I being cuffed," Dez explained.

Having not committed a crime, and not being told why he was being detained, Dez asserted his 5th Amendment right to refuse to answer questions. This made the officer seek out other means to identify him.

According to Dez, the officer then searched him, despite the fact he said he did not consent to a search. She pulled Dez's wallet from his pants and proceeded to look through it as two other officers show up.

Because his rights are being violated, Dez asks for a supervisor.

"Why do you need a supervisor?" one of the officers is heard asking.

"Because I was just unlawfully searched," replies Dez.

During the entire encounter, Dez is polite and well-spoken and merely attempted to assert his rights. This apparently infuriated one of the officers.

"I know she is not supposed to go inside my pockets like that," says Dez.

The officer responds by telling Dez "you don't know about half the sh*t you're talking about."

"I know enough that I need your name and badge number," Dez says, which appeared to be the last straw for the officer, who then turns around and walks up to Dez getting in his face, threatening him.

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Because Dez was merely attempting to assert his rights, while police are harassing and detaining him for no reason, this officer lost it.

"I need your name," Dez says again.

"F**k you!" the officer says.

"What?" asks Dez.

"F**k you is my name," the officer says as he storms off and then drives away.

After the officer drives away, the two remaining officers appear to be embarrassed by their fellow cop.

Dez then asks if they can go, and the officers eventually uncuff the two men and let them go.

Dez and Hobbs had done nothing wrong. They had committed no crime and Dez has no record. Still, they were harassed by cops, locked in handcuffs, had their rights violated, threatened and accosted.

"The other officer talked to me after they left as he felt the situation shouldn’t have escalated that far and stated that he didn’t know what his problem was," Dez tells TFTP.

It is this type of behavior from police officers that serves to drive a wedge between the police and the citizens they serve. The officer in the video below did nothing to help the situation and had someone reacted to his taunting and provoking, they may have been beaten, arrested, or worse. Shameful indeed.

Dez tells TFTP that he is seeking out an attorney and plans to file a complaint to fight back against having his rights violated.

TFTP reached out to the Decatur police department for a statement on the video, but we have yet to receive a response. You can peacefully voice your concern over the officer's actions on their Facebook page.

If anyone else experiences a similar rights violation, Dez has some advice.

"I feel as if everyone should know their rights and shouldn’t be handled in that type of manner when presenting them. Also you can’t control how an officer reacts so go with the flow but stand on your rights."