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Dallas, NC — An infuriating video was shared with the Free Thought Project this week showing North Carolina cops violate the rights of multiple innocent people because one of them smelled marijuana. No marijuana was found, but that didn't stop cops from holding a family and their guests hostage for over an hour to look for it.

The incident in Dallas, NC started after police claimed they received a "911 hang up call." Dallas police officer Beer arrives on scene and finds that the 911 hang up call was a non-incident. However, he then claims to smell marijuana and begins knocking on an innocent family's door.

The officer admits in the video that the call did not come from the family's home, but he knocked on their door anyway. A woman inside the home answers the door, at which point a rights-violating frenzy unfolds.

It is important to note that if police come to your door and you don't need their help, you can simply decline to answer. They cannot come into your home without a search warrant.

The fact is that police can legally lie to try and gain access into your home and knowing how to deal with police at your door can go a long way. The entire incident below could've been avoided had this family declined to open the door. Rest assured, they will likely not open it next time.

When the woman answers the door, officer Beer mentions the 911 call and then quickly shifts gear into claims of smelling marijuana. This was clearly a fishing expedition by police.

"The 911 call came from right here," Beer says, pointing down.

When the woman realizes she doesn't need to be talking to this officer anymore, she tries to close the door. However, officer Beer has violated her private property and entered her home with his foot and is now holding her door open.

"He won't let me close my mother f---ing door. He done came up here. Mind you — what's his badge number? Call 911, Sheryl," the woman says.

When a second cop, officer Enochi, arrives, Beer informs him that he smells marijuana. Officer Enochi then follows suit, claiming he smells it too.

"I do smell marijuana, as well," Officer Enochi states.

"Why is he holding open my door?" the woman asks repeatedly. But the officers couldn't have cared less about her concerns.

For over 30 minutes, officer Beer forcibly holds open the door to the family's home while his partner in crime gets a warrant to search the home. Apparently, the judge was just sitting by waiting for these cops to violate someone's rights over smelling marijuana.

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Once the cops got a warrant, they entered the home which was occupied by small children, including a mother breastfeeding her baby.

"Please don't tear up my home," the woman asks as a half dozen cops pour into her apartment, which she also uses to cut hair.

The breastfeeding woman was a customer of the owner of the home and was waiting to get her hair cut. The fact that she was feeding her infant made no difference to these cops who demanded to search her too.

The woman was then forced to stop breastfeeding so cops could then frisk her to see if she had an illegal plant.

"All this for a woman that does hair," the breastfeeding mother says.

For nearly 20 minutes, cops tear apart the family's home, rummaging through couch cushions and furniture, searching everyone.

Ultimately, the police found nothing. The entire hour and a half they spent on the taxpayer's dime in search of an illegal plant—was worthless.

Even if they had found marijuana in the home, who cares? The fact that there are still police officers in this country that think possessing or using a plant is worse than what the cops do in the video below speaks to the nature of their conditioning.

Terrorizing an innocent family, violating their rights, entering their home, and forcing a mother to stop breastfeeding all over the smell of marijuana—is not what "heroes" do. In fact, it's what bad guys do. Until this ridiculous drug war is brought to a grinding halt, the divide between police and the policed will continue to grow.

Below is the abridged version of the video made by our friends at Photography is Not a Crime.

Below is the entire video from start to finish.

Cops Illegally Search Home

This Is How Officers Use The Smell Of Cannabis For Probable Cause For Search And Seizure! Since Hemp/CBD Is similar in smell and look then smell alone is NEVER probable cause for search because it could be LEGAL Hemp. ALWAYS stand your ground and NEVER allow them to search. CANNABIS Is legal in ALL 50 states! (Under 0.3 Delta-9THC)

Posted by We Must Speak on Thursday, May 23, 2019