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While there have been plenty of good cop stories of cops from around the country refusing to enforce the often arbitrary and always tyrannical lockdown orders from various state governments, there is also no shortage of cops willing to enforce them. As the following example shows us. badged enforcers are willing to assault and kidnap young people for daring to play hockey — outside.

According to police, they responded to reports of too many people playing outside at a local rink and skatepark in Alberta last week. Had these same 40 people been gathered inside a Walmart to buy cigarettes and cheese whiz, they would have been left alone. However, because they were outside attempting to enjoy themselves by getting exercise, cops descended on the scene.

When 12-year-old Rayan Sanoubar saw the cops, he decided to start filming because he and the other children didn't want to have to stop playing.

“A peace officer came sat in this car and got out and… told skateboarders we have to go and [we ’re] not allowed to be there and we all refused, and he called for backup for other police to come,” Sanoubar told the Global News.

When backup arrives, a young man identified as Ocean Wiesblatt, was singled out by police for continuing to skate on the ice. How dare he?

Because Wiesblatt refused to lay down on the ground, he was threatened with a taser as officers assaulted him.

When someone asks why the officer has their hand on a gun, the cop replies, "It's not a gun, it's a taser, and he's under arrest, and I have the authority to use force to effect an arrest."

While pointing her taser at Weisblatt, the cop yells, "Get on the ground! Get on the f***ing ground! Get on the ground before I f***ing taser you!"

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As Wiesblatt has cops on top of him — for playing hockey — he began to scream words that should not have to be said in a free country.

“Where’s our freedom? These police are handcuffing me, we are outside.”

As Sanoubar continued to film, cops then began to threaten him and the others who were acting as witnesses to the tyranny unfolding before them.

“They had him on the ground for six minutes, just frozen, cutting his skates off with a knife. They arrested him and threatened us saying, ‘We are going to give you tickets if you don’t walk away,'” Sanoubar said.

Naturally, the government is defending their actions and claimed that Wiesblatt deserved being arrested and charged with obstruction of justice and violating the health order. Spokesperson Corwin Odland explained to Global News that they were forced to act in the manner that they did.

“When our officers arrived, they spoke to the same people about the health orders and several left without incident,” Odland said. “When told he was being ticketed for not leaving, he refused to identify himself and skated away from the officers.”

“The officers explained this legal requirement to the man and tried multiple times to get him to voluntarily step off the ice and comply with their orders before they moved in to physically take him into custody. At this point, a struggle ensued and an officer was knocked to the ground,” Odland said.

What Odland is forgetting here is the fact that had cops not attempted to stop kids from playing outside, none of this would have happened. What's more, no one "knocked" an officer to the ground, the officer clearly slipped on the ice while assaulting a young man for playing hockey.

To be clear, the man arrested is no criminal and is a celebrated member of the community. Wiesblatt and his brothers, one of whom was drafted into the NHL this year, were featured in a Sports Net film last year about how hockey helped them overcome adversity. Now — thanks to the COVID-19 police state — Wiesblatt has a whole new form of adversity to overcome.