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Lewes, DE — A disturbing video was brought to the attention of the Free Thought Project this week showing a Delaware State Trooper point his gun at the head of a man over a stop for an alleged speeding ticket. Luckily for the victim, Mack Buckley, he was not shot and decided to film this interaction, catching his assault with a deadly weapon on video.

The incident took place last week as Buckley was driving to his mother's home in Lewes. According to Buckley, as he was travelling down the highway, he passed the trooper travelling toward him in the opposite lane, who did a u-turn after they passed each other and began following him.

The trooper never turned on his lights and for two miles, according to Buckley, he simply followed him. Eventually, the officer turned on his lights and stopped him for allegedly speeding.

Buckley explained that the trooper, who he identified as Corporal O'Neil with Troop 7, argued with him for 2 to 3 minutes over why he was stopped. When Buckley tried to record, he says the trooper told him he couldn't. This immediately set off alarms which made Buckley want to film even more.

Buckley admits that he was questioning the officer and said he didn't want to give him his license and registration until he told him why he was pulled over. That's when, according to Buckley, the trooper demanded he get out of the car. Buckley, still wanting to know an actual reason as to why he was pulled over, said, "no."

At this point is when Buckley starts filming. Buckley tells us that the officer took a call on his radio after Buckley refused to exit the vehicle, and so he had a chance to start recording.

As the video shows, the trooper is talking on the radio before turning his attention back to Buckley. And, when Buckley refuses to once more get out before hearing the real reason for the stop, the trooper pulls his gun out and aims it directly at his head.

While Buckley should've obeyed the officer's command to exit the vehicle, he was peacefully wanting his questions answered and did not warrant a such a potentially deadly response. Officers are trained to escalate through various means of force and as we see in the video below, he had no reason to point a gun at this man's head.

As the officer holds the pistol on Buckley's head, he then slaps the phone out of his hand, making sure there would be no more documentation of this incident.

"Why are you pulling a gun on me?" Buckley asks as the officer pulls him from the vehicle. "I've done nothing wrong."

The brief video only shows the moment the officer got off his radio until he yanked Buckley from the car. However, Buckley tells TFTP that his phone kept recording for thirty more minutes.

Buckley explained that once he was in the back of the cruiser, the trooper began throwing out racist remarks. In a Facebook post, Buckley explained how this unfolded:

On the way to the troop he kept referring to YOU PEOPLE. I asked him who was YOU PEOPLE since there was only him and I in the vehicle. Then he proceeded to say I was a worthless piece of sh*t. He then said you probably didn't finish high school. Your a piece of sh*t... and he wouldn't give a f*ck if YOU PEOPLE died tomorrow. I asked him again who YOU PEOPLE were... and he said society. I said what society? It's just you and me in the vehicle. Then he proceeds to tell me... oh.. go ahead and play the race card to which I replied... I never said anything about race. I asked you who were you referring to when you said YOU PEOPLE. The only question I asked you is why you pulled me over.

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Showing the entirely unnecessary nature of this stop is the fact that Buckley was given three minor offenses and a resisting arrest charge—over a speeding ticket stop. Buckley says that one of the offenses was speeding, and the other two were for expired insurance and registration—both of which he says are false.

The charges held so little water that he was released on unsecured bond and the arrest was not even entered into the database on the public website.

After Buckley was released, shortly after the arrest, he attempted to file a complaint and was told he could not do so.

Buckley explained to TFTP that he asked the officer in the station, "so the only reason you wont let me file a complaint is because the officer I want to file a complaint on works for your precinct? He said, 'yes.' I was shocked."

Buckley tells TFTP that he is not backing down however, and has retained an attorney who will go with him to file the complaint next time. Buckley said they have subpoenaed all the video from outside the vehicle during the stop as well as inside the vehicle and the police station.

If everything Buckley is saying is true, this department's corruption will soon all be aired out. Indeed, if you look at their reviews on Google, they apparently have a history of poor behavior, barely getting over 1 star out of 5.

"It will all come out," Buckley said, noting that, this time, they violated the wrong person's rights.

TFTP reached out to the Delaware State Police publicly on Tuesday in the form of a Tweet to ask them if it was standard police procedure to hold unarmed people at gunpoint during alleged speeding stops. We received no response.

Below is a video showing just how easily a traffic stop for an alleged speeding ticket can spiral out of control until an innocent person is killed.

Sadly, TFTP has reported on numerous incidents like Buckley's in which people who pose no threat to officers are assaulted with deadly weapons.

Alex Randall was on his way to work last year on his motorcycle when he was assaulted with a deadly weapon by King County Sheriff's Department detective Richard Rowe. The detective was in the midst of a power trip mixed with road rage when he held an innocent man at gunpoint. And, no one would've have known about it had Randall not been filming. Despite the act being caught on film, no one was held accountable except for the taxpayers.

In 2017, TFTP interviewed a couple who was held at gunpoint for ten minutes by a cop who was seemingly terrified of his own shadow. Feo Mas, the passenger in the vehicle, told TFTP that he was on the way to a job interview and his girlfriend, Amanda Galan was going to work. The couple allegedly exceeded the speed limit and were pulled over by a Campbell city police officer and then held at gunpoint for a disturbingly long time. This incident was also captured on video.