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Houston, TX — Houston police are once again under fire for the manner in which they handled a motorist during a traffic stop. It's no secret, when nervous, people exhibit strange behaviors. But one Houston resident decided to dance his way through apprehension. Houston police weren't amused, apparently, and sicced their K9 officer (an attack dog) on the motorist to get him into custody.

Darrious Kendrick Brown, a 45-year-old resident, was driving a Nissan Sentra just before 1 a.m. near the 7400 block of Homestead Road when police first attempted to pull him over. Instead of complying, Brown took off, eventually pulling over on I-45 when he apparently noticed police had laid out spike strips to disable his tires.

As police surrounded him, and with helicopters flying overhead, they got on their loudspeaker to begin ordering Darrious to exit the vehicle and walk backward towards their vehicles and patrolmen. Seizing upon the opportunity to relish the limelight, Brown busted a move and began dancing after every command given to him by the officer on the loudspeaker.

The comical way in which Brown was acting gave the officers all the justification they needed to punish him for his silly ways. They warned Brown they were going to release the attack dog if he didn't get on the ground and lay down, and they kept their promise.

By our count, there were at least five officers on scene, not including the one with teeth capable of tearing human flesh, but the only officer brave enough to take down the unarmed dancing motorist was the dog police chose to send in.

Just before they sent in the dog, Brown turned and faced the officers, and in what could have been a scene from any B-movie, the young man pleaded for mercy saying, "Ya'll really going to do that to me?" As he was backing away, the dog was sent in, while Brown goes behind a vehicle out of view from the recording camera.

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Screams could be heard coming from Brown's direction, and later, another segment of the video shows the dog remained clamped down on his leg. Police took Brown into custody and he's in jail now, charged with felony evading arrest.

While presumably very funny for those watching the scene, it's no laughing matter if one is being attacked by a vicious dog. As TFTP has reported on numerous occasions, when police use dogs, bad things happen to citizens. The use of police dogs has led to numerous needless injuries—on entirely innocent people—like air conditioner repairmen and grandmothers.

There's absolutely no way for police to have known if Brown were under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or was simply going through a manic episode, for example. And while it's obvious he was not complying with officer commands, the question remains, is non-compliance a valid reason to potentially kill a man with a dog. After all, there were half a dozen men standing around who could have easily subdued Brown.

As TFTP reported in October, the use of K9 attack dogs can be costly for a police department subsequently caught up in a civil lawsuit. Attorneys for Reginald Chatman are suing Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Gerald “Jerry” Wengert for $135,000 as compensation for dog-bite injuries he sustained to his left hip, knee and leg during a 2014 arrest in Tamarac.

Should a citizen naturally fight back when a dog is attacking them, surrounding officers will likely fire their guns on the citizen as hitting, stabbing, or shooting a K9 attack dog is seen under the law as "assault" on a police officer.

Visually, the use of K9 dogs on citizens may lead many to recall when, during the 1960's civil rights movement, dogs were used on mostly minority citizens in an effort to punishing protesters for speaking out for equal rights and against racism. Little has changed from that time until the present. The so-called authorities will use dogs to punish citizens, regardless if they're going through a manic episode, may be high on drugs, or simply trying to clown around, and they'll use "officer safety" to hide behind their sadistic methods.