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New York City, New York - This week in the Bronx, a young blogger and Cop Watcher by the name of M. Logic managed to capture a disturbing encounter with NYPD cops on his cellphone camera.

Logic saw two NYPD officers walking down the street and snooping around the vehicles that were parked on the side of the road. The officers were not fighting crime, but were instead writing tickets.

Out of curiosity, Logic approached an occupant of one of the cars that was recently ticketed, to see what type of harassment that officers were inflicting on his neighbors. At this point, the officers were already across the street ticketing another vehicle, but when they saw Logic speaking to their last victim, they went back toward him, telling him to get away from the car.

The one officer can be clearly heard in the video yelling "get away from him that's my car stop," and then when they approached him, the one officer can be heard saying "don't make me fear for my safety."

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This was obviously a veiled threat in light of the recent police murders that have gone unpunished.

"When two NYPD cops spot me talking to a motorist they were in the process of extorting to meet their monthly quota they begin yelling at me from across the street to "go away" so they can feed on two different motorist at the same time. The European cop tells me that I am making him nervous by simply speaking and not to make him fear for his safety. In other words he is making the case to use deadly force even though I have absolutely nothing in my hands and pose no threat to either officer what so ever. Just another day of police terrorism and extortion in New York City," M. Logic said in the video's description.

The man filming the video understood the threat well, and did his best to prevent the situation from escalating to violence. Eventually, he was able to exit the situation by telling the cops that he was going to record them from across the street. After the encounter, Logic provided a very articulate and insightful commentary about what was going on with the police in his community.