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Highlighting the ominous nature of the police state, a car carrying three black men was pulled over, all their ID's checked, and three men detained — for driving around a car that was stopped in their lane and was blocking the road. However, once the mom of one of the men in the car got wind that her son and his friends were being harassed — by ominously dressed cops wearing facemasks — she quickly showed up and gave them a piece of her mind.

As the video begins, the men had already been pulled over and one of the men in the back seat is filming. What makes this stop particularly ominous is the fact that both of the officers conducting the stop are in an unmarked car and are wearing masks.

When police feel it necessary to cover their faces during a traffic stop with such ominous masks, what does that say about the nature of their job? This was clearly not an undercover operation as it was conducted in the middle of the street by cops wearing bulletproof vests with the word "Sheriff" across it.

Try putting yourself in the shoes of the men in the car. According to all of the men in the car, they were pulled over by police because they drove around another vehicle that was stopped in their lane. No one was hurt, no one's property was damaged, and no theft had occurred. Yet they were still detained and threatened with arrest and put into a potentially deadly situation.

This situation was a shakedown and potential false arrest in the making—that is, until 'Sit' aka mom walks out and demands the officers "get off my property."

The interaction, had it not been such a real danger, looked like a hilarious scene from a movie. The masked gunman in the truck is the first one to get a dose of mom who immediately begins berating him for being on her property.

As mom walks back toward the car, the other masked gunman tells her to relax.

"We are here now, just relax," says the officer.

"Ain't no relax, you need to relax your ass out my yard!" the angry mom hilariously replies.

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While he's getting his verbal lashing for allegedly unlawfully detaining these three young men, the masked cop standing by the car puts his hand on his taser in an apparent attempt to threaten the angry woman.

"What you got your hand on your damn taser for?!" asks the woman before going on to have the cops identify themselves.

"I want your badges too," mom says. "I want your damn badge."

"Badge number is 7895," replies the cop.

As the father comes around, things begin to escalate as the masked cop tells him he needs to get away.

"This is our yard!" replies mom. "You need to get out of our yard, right now," she continues. And, just like that, the cops leave.

For those that haven't been exposed to the tyranny of being black in a police state, this is just a sample of what it's like. When watching the video below, ask yourself what would happen if these cops went into a rich community with masks on and began shaking down people on their own property for driving around a stalled vehicle.

It is important to note that this video was brought to the attention of the Free Thought Project with no information, no location, department, or context. However, that being said, the video speaks for itself.

If you know where this was taken or who took it, please contact the Free Thought Project and let us know.