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Raleigh, NC — Over the years, the Free Thought Project has reported on multiple incidents in which innocent property owners or motorists have been accused of robbing their own home or stealing their own car. This week, another video was shared with the Free Thought Project showing a homeowner held at gunpoint, handcuffed, and dragged from his house after police officers with the Raleigh police department accused him of breaking into his own home.

The video was uploaded to Instagram by the account named timboss_ceo. According to the officers in the video, they were responding to a burglar alarm which had gone off at the residence. However, by the time they arrived, timboss had already talked to the alarm company, given them the secret password, and called off the alarm.

In what seems like common sense and which should likely be the first move by responding officers on calls like this one, a call to the alarm company should be made before even exiting their vehicle to see if the alarm was accidental. Had officers simply verified with the company the fact that the alarm had been cancelled, this entire debacle would have been avoided.

However, that is not what happened. Instead, the responding officer pushed open the door to the home and created a situation that had the potential to turn deadly in a hurry.

As the video shows, the homeowner had apparently gone back to sleep after cancelling the alarm. He did not hear the officer announce himself and thought someone was actually breaking into his home. So he grabbed his handgun and moved to the door.

The one redeeming quality of the officers' response to this call was the fact that they didn't shoot this man right when they entered his home. Luckily, timboss was given enough time to drop the gun and move toward the door. However, this was just the beginning of his humiliation.

While in his underwear, timboss — who had already cancelled the false alarm with the company by verifying that he owns the home — was forced to his knees, handcuffed, and treated like a hardened criminal. In the video, timboss explains to the officers that people attempt to rob him all the time, which is why he had the gun.

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As backup officers arrive, they order timboss to get on the ground, disrespect him, and get outright belligerent with him. For telling the officers that he lives in this home and he is in fact the homeowner, this man is then dragged outside in his underwear and in handcuffs. By this time, timboss had already given the officers everything they needed to verify that he owned the house. However, they weren't done yet.

Despite knowing that timboss lived in the home, one of the officers orders the other officers to "clear" the home. Multiple cops then proceeded to search the house without the owner's consent and for no reason. As they searched, a rational supervisor showed up and called them off. Even then, despite being told to leave the home, one of the officers felt it necessary to attempt to justify his belligerence by scolding timboss on the way out.

When the video posted to Instagram, timboss wrote the following description:

A brother just tired of being harassed humiliated and embarrassed

Police said they was making sure the house was secure but never cared to identify me as the home owner. I could’ve died today , being black and successful hurts.

The Free Thought Project reached out to timboss, but he has yet to respond. We also reached out to the Raleigh police department who gave us the following statement, (we redacted the actual name of timboss for privacy purposes):

The Raleigh Police Department is looking into this incident and reviewing our officers' actions. We have attempted to contact the homeowner several times over the past few days to discuss this incident with him; officers have gone to his home and called his phone. We would like to resolve this issue with (him) as soon as possible, as a review of our history of calls for service to his address show that our officers responded to burglar alarm incidents five times within the past year.

Below is that video: