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Seim Calls 911 on a Cop, Schools Him on Being a COP!

Gav Seim

Police don’t have to be brutal to be lawless!

Washington State Patrol offers patronizing politeness to those who question them, but the fact is they are breaking the law and are tired of being called out. But we need to demand action. If government won’t honor liberty out of principle, then we will make them obey out of necessity.

Ever since this started last fall, police around the nation have been getting called out for operating dangerous and often illegal unmarked cars. Washington police even got together this year and tried to get the law they claim they are not breaking, changed. That didn’t work, so WSP keeps making up excuses. They are actually updating their policies as I and others call them out; as if we are having a debate.

Below is a copy of the paper they are now handing out. A few months back it was different. The law they are breaking offers some exemptions for “Traffic Control vehicles”. Those are the cars that put out cones, lead you through construction zones and the like. They have nothing to do with traffic patrol cruisers and they never have. The law was written to demand that all police do regular patrols in marked cars. You can learn about that in the legal briefs here.

WSP is answering back and it’s ridiculous. Now they have amended their policy manual and rewrote their own definition, even though it’s totally false. This is what happens when your government has no respect for law, justice or the people they serve.

There’s more! In a vivid confirmation of the slave mindset, the driver I stopped to watch over sent me a nasty letter late that day. Read it here.

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Let's talk about the officer behavior: This young man handled it pretty well. WSP are usually pretty cordial, but not so polite as you think. If you watch a few of my videos you will see their politeness is actually patronizing and annoying. Like the officer who nearly ran over my foot. Still, my demeanor tells them right off that the tough cop routine won’t work and they know they are on camera. It’s key not to waver, even if you are uncertain. I say a prayer and I do not waver. That’s my key tactic.

Always take control of the conversation early. I am polite, but I assert myself. Notice the officers face when I ask his age. That was the moment the encounter went off script. I was not only curious, I wanted to assert authority over the situation. Questioning police works; they are used to asking the questions, but it’s us that should be doing that. Just be careful and try to avoid situations where they can abuse you or lie about what you did. Never do this without a camera.

This stop is powerful because we go beyond cars and got to into liberty and the mind of a modern officer. This kid seems barely out of high school and he believes in whatever he’s being told. I’ve never seen him before. Apparently he has seen me. Maybe he will wake up and realize that harassing is not helping and endangering the public is not law. Maybe he will one day stand up for liberty.

Watch the look on his face. I take control of the conversation and we start talking about serious matters like justice, law and liberty. For a moment, it’s like he’s thinking about those things for the first time. — This goes so far beyond the markings on cars. It represents a culture of disrespect and from a government who’s primary purpose is tax collection. Americas police have become the Sheriff of Nottingham in a pretty uniform.

Folks, it’s time you started stepping up. We need to stop compromising, stop allowing tyranny when it suits us and start demanding accountability for everyone. America is burning. What are you going to do about it?


Gavin Seim is a liberty activist, speaker and former US Congressional challenger from Washington state. He is a devoted activist who is not afraid to go toe to toe with would-be tyrants. He also helped to organize the largest felony civil disobedience rally ever held in America’s history. If you'd like to follow Gav, you can do so on his blog, HERE.