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Over the past month, mainstream networks from all spectrums have been inundated during live events by spectators and crowds in general, chanting "f**k Joe Biden." The chant had become a rallying cry of the right who feels out of place now that their team isn't winning. The rally cry came to a head earlier this month as an NBC reporter at NASCAR attempted to cover up the chant by claiming the crowd was saying "Let's Go Brandon."

During the interview, what appeared to be thousands of fans were in the stadium seating section of the raceway while NASCAR racer Brandon Brown spoke with the reporter. The chants from the crowd increased in loudness and could be heard as "F**k Joe Biden." The reporter, quick on her feet, told Brandon and viewers the chants were "Let's Go Brandon."

The sheer audacity of the claim led to the "f**k Joe Biden" chant, morphing into a "Let's go Brandon" chant, which now meant the same thing. Rapper Loza Alexander even made a video out of the chant, which is actually quite catchy. Alexander's video quickly went viral and eventually found it way to the magnifying glasses of the YouTube censors. On Thursday, a version of his rap song, "Let's go Brandon," which featured Tyson James & Chandler Crump, was banned from the platform. While YouTube is no stranger to arbitrary and often ridiculous bans, their reasoning behind this one was pretty crazy. Why did the platform remove "Let's Go Brandon"? Well, "Medical Misinformation," of course.

After the above tweet, Bryson Gray clarified, stating that the "lyric video" was banned which actually does mention several claims about the pandemic that can't be substantiated. Nevertheless, censorship is not the answer, and as we've pointed out before, many times it has the opposite of the intended effect.

Despite YouTube banning the track, Loza's FJB rap went so viral that fans started the #LetsGoBrandonChallenge - which attracted submissions from countless tik tokkers, youtubers, and social media accounts world wide.

Below are a few of the examples.

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This type of reaction is known as the Streisand effect and it is utterly inspiring when it happens. Whether or not you agree with the conservatives pushing this chant, the idea that it can be censored at all should be an issue that both the left and right seek to prevent in the future.

Make no mistake, there are definitely some asinine and utterly stupid conspiracy theories out there on just about everything, including COVID-19. But does society need handlers to hide these things from them by censoring those who engage with it?

Stupid ideas didn't used to go extremely viral. Even in the furthest corners of the conspiracy theory realm, verifiably false facts were easily proven wrong and dismissed swiftly. But that no longer happens now thanks to fact checkers.

This current method of cancelling, censoring, and banning, sets out to grow the herd of consensus, simply by convincing people that doing anything but unquestioningly accepting the consensus is wrong.

This is dangerous, as an incorrect consensus going unchecked can and has led to immeasurable death and human suffering. Eugenics anyone? Or how about "weapons of mass destruction"?

Without skepticism, group think prevails and group think kills.

While it is entirely noble to want to rid humanity of disinformation, sometimes that 'disinformation' is actually truth. Without the crazies in the peanut gallery keeping scientists and the consensus on their A-game, reality is not challenged and disinformation can become mainstream.

In the words of the late great George Carlin, humanity would do well to always "Question Everything."