This Girl’s Cop Prank Failed, Good Thing Her Camera Man Knew How to Flex His Rights

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July 16, 2014

Self-proclaimed model, actress, and prankster, Melissa Flentzeris setup her latest prank last week, this time on cops.

Flentzeris’s pranks usually consist of her flirting with unsuspecting men while the camera man films it from afar.

That is exactly what was happening this time.

Flentzeris was well into her prank with Officer Henry when one of his co-workers began meddling.

Soon after Flentzeris gets the digits, the cops began to follow her and her camera  man and detained them shortly after.

What happened next was completely unexpected. One bully cop begins trying to intimidate them and asks for IDs, but they had done nothing wrong and the camera man knew this.

He gets into a standoff with this cop and uses the most powerful two questions to ask when interacting with police, “Am I being detained? Am I free to go?”

Knowing that he cannot detain them, the officer finally lets them leave. Rights = flexed.

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