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Do you believe what you read in the media?

Has it ever occurred to you that it could be a system of propaganda designed to limit how you imagine the world?

Unbeknownst to most Americans we are currently living in Orwell’s nightmare. A 1984-style reality where propaganda rules -- where thought is controlled -- and where most people are blissfully unaware of this thought control even taking place.

World-renowned academic, and intellectual giant, Noam Chomsky, has historically been hostile to establishment power and privilege. Over the years, he refined, what he calls, the ‘propaganda model’ of the media. Not only does the media systematically suppress and distort, when they do present facts, the context obscures the actual meaning. In essence, the mass media uses brainwashing to keep people subservient to large corporate interests.

Freedoms of thought and expression are thought to be central to the western system of democracy – or so we are taught to believe from a young age. So to some, the idea that we live in an Orwellian reality may cause a measure of cognitive dissonance. But to Noam Chomsky, who’s devoted his life to questioning western state power, the idea of a truth seeking media is simply a work of fiction.

Essentially, U.S. mainstream corporate media has been weaponized as a means of controlling public opinion by propagandizing the American people. Chomsky, in his book “Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media,” detailed how U.S. media frequently serve as an errand boy for U.S. corporate, military and imperial interests.

“The media serve, and propagandize on behalf of, the powerful societal interests that control and finance them. The representatives of these interests have important agendas and principles that they want to advance, and they are well positioned to shape and constrain media policy.” –Chomsky

It should be noted that Chomsky has become the enemy de jour of the mainstream media after exposing them as a propaganda wing of government. He is almost never given airtime on mass media, appearing only infrequently on RT and Democracy Now. Chomsky’s message was too dangerous, so, of course, they need to use the power of mass media to silence the broad distribution of his crucial message.

Subsequently, in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential election, Facebook has been targeted by behind the scene oligarchic forces that largely control society, and, their respective government representatives, such as President Obama, as being partially responsible for the outcome of the election through the spread of misinformation.

In reality, the opposite is true, as this election cycle saw social media allow people to peer through the facade of mass media and see factual information presented by non-corporate news entities, such as the plethora of emails released by WikiLeaks. Note that the mainstream news attempted to ignore these releases and not report on them as a means of shaping public discourse. The even went so far as to declare reading them illegal. 

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Essentially, the gatekeepers of information were not able to do their job as propagandists efficiently as there was a counter narrative of truth that overcame the usual methods of controlling the public narrative.

This has resulted in a push to have Facebook censor “fake news” as forwarded by controversial liberal professor Mish Zimdars, who released a “fake news” list that featured "False, Misleading, Clickbait-y, and/or Satirical 'News' Sources."

The problem is that only two of those modifiers suggest actual fake news —"false" and "satirical." The other two words are judgment calls that we make, ourselves, as informed readers. Note that this is precisely the type of propaganda Chomsky warned about.

In light the recent move to censor “fake news” on Facebook, his message has become even more important. While many people welcome the censoring of clearly fallacious new stories, there is an insidious nature in the manner in which ideologically based news sites have been lumped in with satire and false news.

There is a clear and present danger of a massive censorship regime that includes legitimate, ideologically based, news content on Facebook -- an extremely slippery slope to traverse once venturing down the path of stifling the free flow of information.

In the video below, listen to Chomsky break down how this subtle but powerful system of control works to influence and control the narrative of political discourse in the Western world -- and brainwash entire nations into subservience in the process.