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The Ashley Borough Police Department received a call for help in finding a missing child. But instead of locating the missing child, when they smelled marijuana at a nearby residence, they abandoned their search and confiscated a cannabis user's bongs and smoking devices. That was their first mistake, according to some. Their second mistake, arguably, was bragging about their bust on Facebook

Here's the photo they posted on their Facebook page and the accompanying caption.

The stash was undeniably a prized possession to someone who unwittingly had drawn the attention of Ashley Borough police. Now it's in the hands of law enforcement. But if the department was looking to be praised by the local community, they were sadly mistaken. Instead of lauding the accomplishments of the boys in blue, the public ripped them a new one.

Spencer Holt was seemingly perplexed when he wrote, "You must be so proud of yourselves. How about the kid? A lost child is a time-sensitive issue, how did that situation develop while you were rounding up the giggle weed?" Holt's sentiments echoed the overall feelings of the public who viewed abandoning the search for a missing child to committing a cardinal sin.

Chad Mummert blasted the department as well. He wrote, "This basically states that you've abandoned a lost child investigation...let's repeat that...a lost child investigation because you smelled marijuana and went for some low hanging fruit to eventually exploit on social media. You deserve every bit of the roast (pun intended) that you are getting with this foolish post.

Approaching with a more lighthearted statement Connor Cormier asked police if he could buy the bong. He said he'd pay, "$45 for the Zong," and promised to, "meet you wherever is most convenient."

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The cynicism was not lost in the seriousness of what police had admitted to doing. They openly confessed to devoting at least a portion of their department to potentially charging an individual for treating his/her ailments with cannabis.

As TFTP has reported, cannabis has been decriminalized and made available as medical marijuana in at least 29 states with eight states allowing for recreational use. The states of Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington now allow for full recreational use of cannabis.

Some of the Ashley Borough Police Department's critics understand there are many sick people who use cannabis to deal with their illnesses and are not afraid of committing a misdemeanor crime to do so. Alex Hardy didn't hold anything back when he criticized the department's seizure. Hardy asked, "Lemme get this straight. You dickless little shits get sidetracked from looking for a missing child to hassle someone for their pot gear. And then you actually brag about it on fb?"

Dallas Shaefer attempted to shame the PD into repentance. "You should be ashamed of yourselves. This is a waste of public resources and damaging to the record of someone who was likely hurting no one," he wrote.

Whatever their motivations, the Ashley Borough Police Department understandably opened up the proverbial can of worms with their post. The ongoing criticism serves to illustrate how attitudes toward cannabis are changing at the what seems to be the speed of light. People are waking up to the fact that pharmaceutical companies have used their lobbying power for years to convince the federal government, the FDA, and the DEA to keep cannabis categorized as a Schedule I narcotic.

All the while they've quietly been addicting millions of Americans to their synthetic opiates which killed more Americans in 2016 than in the entire Vietnam War. Maybe what Ashley Borough Police should do is begin to arrest pharmacists for dispensing addicting and life-ending opiates. Only then can they rightfully claim they're protecting the public.