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New York, NY — According to the New York Police Department's most recent statistics, overall crime is on the rise. The city has experienced a massive 27.8% surge in overall index crime compared to the same time last year — which also saw a 22% surge over the previous year. That is a 50% increase in a two-year period. As assaults, murders, and robberies go unsolved at an increasing rate, however, some officers in the state are making sure to take the hardest of criminals to prison — including dangerous masterminds who like to play their music.

The NYPD's 52nd Precinct took to Twitter this week to brag about their attack on the hardened criminals who would dare to play their music. The tweet praised the "Conditions Team" for removing "illegal speakers" from the streets.

As stated above, the crime index is up 28% from last year, with shootings spiking up over 70%. The clearance rates for crimes are also down, meaning police are solving less crimes. Instead of correcting these numbers, officers in New York's 52nd Precinct appear to be going after the low hanging fruit.

Naturally, officers focusing on folks playing loud music instead of actual criminal acts, has many residents angry. As a result of this anger, the tweet by officers was heavily ratioed by people calling them out for this "theft of private property."

Below are some of the responses to the NYPD's tweet.

'Police confiscate private property and brag about it' is not the win you think it is.

Didn’t want that to compete with the sound canon you have that causes permanent hearing loss ?

This looks like legalized theft to me, but thank you, brave officers for saving us all I feel much safer now. Clearly your bloated budget is being well spent.

Yeah, much safer now that the gunshots are not drowned out by privately owned loudspeakers any more. (This is satire, right? NYPD showing some sense of quirky dark humor, right? Or was the account highjacked?)

Great work brave officers! Does that mean if the kids down in Uvalde TX had been listening to loud music while they were being shot the cops down there would have gone in to the classrooms?

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Others pointed to actual videos of criminal behavior being overlooked while cops go after people for listening to music.

While they have certainly received some noise complaints, loud music is nothing compared to criminals terrorizing citizens in public. What's more, when we did a review of the 52nd Precinct's Twitter, we found that posting pictures of confiscated speakers is a common occurrence — despite being dragged over the coals every time they do it.

They have literally become the "fun police" all the while watching crime surge around them. In the meantime, they are going after people who listen to music and innocent shop workers who defend themselves from criminals.

Jose Alba likely wishes cops would have been around to stop the violent attack on him at his bodega last week. Unfortunately, however, cops were confiscating speakers instead.

For those not familiar, Alba was attacked by a career violent criminal and his girlfriend who pulled a knife and stabbed Alba. When Alba defended himself against his attacker, Austin Simon, he was subsequently arrested and charged with 2nd degree murder.

Citizens are protecting themselves from violent crime — and getting arrested for it — while the NYPD is bragging about speaker confiscations. This is the inevitable result of granting police a monopoly on security in the land of the free. It's time to change it.