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Detroit, MI -- Detroit Police Officer Clifford E. Gullion, who is currently on medical leave, has been arrested after reportedly opening fire on a home in Macomb County. He is being held at the Macomb County Jail on a $250,000 cash or surety bond, no ten percent granted.

According to the Macomb County Sheriff's Office, a 911 call was placed early Thursday morning, reporting shots fired into a home located on 29 Mile Road in Ray Township. Five shots were allegedly fired into the residence by Gullion from a car in a drive-by fashion, reported the Sheriff. No one was injured in the shooting.

Lt. John Michalke could not confirm if the .40 caliber firearm used in the shooting was issued by the Detroit Police Department.

Authorities confirmed the residence targeted by the off-duty officer belongs to a patient of Gullion's wife, an in-home caretaker. The Sheriff's Office alleges Gullion was acting in retaliation to "alleged comments made about his caregiver wife."

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To illustrate just how cowardice and vile this valiant public servant was, his intended victim was a woman in a wheelchair.

Gullion, who started with the Detroit Police Department in 2009, went on paid medical leave for over two years ago after being injured in a car accident while on duty.

The officer was scheduled to return to work May 1. Instead, he now faces up to 24 years in prison, charged with two felony counts of weapons discharge at or in a building and two counts of felonious use of a firearm.

Officer Gullion is scheduled to appear before a judge April 29th for a probable cause hearing.