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In a shocking display of judicial barbarism, a Michigan judge has ordered three children jailed because they refuse to spend time with their father. On June 24, Judge Lisa Gorcyca of the Oakland County Circuit Court ordered Liam, age 15, Rowie, age 10, and Natalie age 9 to hauled away to a juvenile detention center called Children’s Village until they turn 18.

According to the petition, the sole reason for the judge taking the kids away from their mother to be locked up is because “…the three siblings individually refused to spend time with their estranged father Omer Tsimhoni.

The mother, Ms. Eibschitz, is a pediatric ophthalmologist with no record of abuse or mistreatment. She is not allowed to see her children and is extremely distraught, saying, "I felt like I was watching them be executed. Since that day I cannot eat, I cannot sleep. I cannot understand something like that can even happen in this country."

Ms. Eibshitz and Mr. Tsimhoni filed for divorce in 2009. The children have expressed open fear of their father, with Liam stating that he saw his father hit his mother, and therefore, does not want to be around him.

None of this seems to matter to the judge, who berated and insulted the children in court and painted a horrid picture of life in Children’s Village.

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“When you are ready to have lunch with your dad, to have dinner with your dad, to be normal human beings, I will review this when your dad tells me you are ready. Otherwise, you are living in Children's Village 'til you graduate from high school. That is the order of the court. Goodbye.

You're supposed to have a high IQ, which I'm doubting right now because of the way you act.

God gave you a brain. He expects you to use it.”

While the three children are sitting in juvenile detention, separated from each other and their family, Mr. Tsimhoni left the country immediately after the ruling on business in Israel. He is the only one who can have them released.

Judge Gorcya’s ruling is based on a diagnosis of Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS), a condition put forward in the 1980s that suggests children refuse to speak with one parent because the other parent speaks ill of him or her. While some experts have discredited its significance, a court-appointed mental health professional claimed to have found evidence of PAS with the Tsimhoni children.

The judge is using this to present a draconian scenario to the children. Gorcya believes that they have no free will in the decision to not associate with their father, even under court duress. Working under this assumption, which is likely to be false, the judge says that they must see their father or go to jail. If anyone is taking away their free will, it is Judge Gorcya.

You can help Liam, Rowie, and Natalie by visiting their Facebook page and signing the petition to release them from the clutches of a barbaric judge.

This gross injustice needs your attention and action. A court system that incarcerates children in an acrimonious divorce proceeding, but leaves the parents free, is broken at best and barbaric at worst. Above all else we have a duty, lawfully and morally, to protect the children in divorce cases, above all else. Their only real crime was being born to an imperfect marriage union. Locking them up for 3, 8 and 9 years respectively solves no matter, proves no point and heals no wound. Please release these victims and get them the proper therapeutic help that they need.