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Murray County, Georgia - Last week, a former Georgia judge was found guilty of planting meth in a woman's car because she accused him of sexual harassment. Earlier this year, Bryant Cochran, chief magistrate of Murray County, was forced to resign after the allegations against him went public.

judge plants meth

Throughout the duration of the trial, Cochran continued to deny the claims but was convicted this month after the investigation into this case uncovered a deep history of corruption. In addition to the charge of conspiring to plant methamphetamine in Angela Garmley's car, Cochran was also found guilty of sexually assaulting one county employee, illegally searching the cell phone of another and tampering with a witness, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The controversy began in July of 2012, when Garmley accused the judge of sexual harassment. Garmley said that he had solicited her for sex just months prior when she visited his office.

Then in August, Cochran hired someone to plant meth under her car, and then tipped off police about it being in her possession. The first time the police searched her, they couldn't find anything and when word got back to the judge that there was no bust, he personally called the police and told them exactly where they could find the drugs, down to the specific location.

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Garmley was then pulled over again, and this time they did find the drugs and arrested her, however, the case was so weak that the charges were eventually dismissed. The officers who arrested her, Murray County Deputy Josh Greeson and Murray County Capt. Michael Henderson (Cochran's cousin), later pleaded guilty to obstruction charges and went to federal prison.

Cochran attempted to cover up the scandal with his connections, but during the investigation multiple other victims came forward to tell their stories about the judge both assaulting and sexually harassing them.

Cochran will be back in court for sentencing on February 20th.

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