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Los Angeles, CA — Over the weekend in Los Angeles, a cowardly act of violence was carried out against two deputies as they sat in their cruiser. The chilling attempted execution was captured on video showing a man run up to the passenger-side window of the cruiser and open fire inside before running away. No one has been arrested in connection with the shooting.

Both officers inside the cruiser, who have been sheriff’s deputies for just 14 months, were struck, one of them a 31-year-old mother, the other a 24-year-old man. Both of the officers are expected to survive. In some sick twisted protest outside the hospital where the two officers were being treated, a handful of individuals gathered and chanted slogans like, "we hope they die." The anti-police sentiment has led many to believe that this senseless act of violence was carried out by someone who hates cops and wishes to incite violence against police. This is certainly a likely scenario. As the suspect has yet to be captured, however, his motive remains a mystery and any claims as to why he did what he did, are pure speculation. As many chock the attempted execution up to anti-police sentiment, we have found an interesting detail of the shooting which is not being reported. The two deputies who were shot, were right near the LASD's police station in Compton that has become notorious for alleged corruption and unchecked police violence. In July, a lawsuit exposed an atmosphere of gang violence within this station by a group of rogue deputies who call themselves the "Executioners." According to the claim, as reported by witnessLA in July, the Executioners operate at the Compton station –CPT, for short — “with impunity,” its members using violence, threats, and retaliation against other deputies, supervisors, and “members of the public” in order to strengthen the profile of the organization, and its influence at the station One whistleblower LASD deputy recently brought attention to what the Los Angeles Times reported as “a band of deputies with matching tattoos that wields vast power at the Compton station” and “celebrates deputy shootings.” Austreberto Gonzalez, the LASD deputy who filed the claim against Los Angeles County, said the cops in the alleged gang each have “tattoos of a skull with Nazi imagery and an AK-47.” The claim also alleges that the Executioners’ “members were involved in setting illegal arrest quotas and threatening work slowdowns — which involve ignoring or responding slowly to calls — when they did not get preferred assignments.” In the claim, Gonzalez details stalking and harassment by this gang of rogue cops who put graffiti on their own station, calling him out for being a "rat." Illustrating how deep the corruption goes is the fact that after Gonzalez reported the stalking to Internal Affairs, instead of investigating it, IA gave the information to the gang who then responded with violence. “I think the scariest thing,” said Gonzalez’ lawyer, Alan Romero, “is that he did what he was supposed to do. He called the authorities, and they betrayed him. They turned him right over to the gang. It’s a whistleblower’s worst nightmare.” It is important to point out that we do not have information which associates the deputies ambushed near the Compton station to the gang or with Gonzalez' claims. However, given the alleged propensity toward violence and corruption within this station, the theory that these cops were ambushed by one of their own should not be ruled out. Perhaps these new cops stumbled on the gang's crimes and were going to expose them and the gang responded accordingly. It would explain how the perpetrator has yet to be captured or even identified. In most police shootings similar to this one, the suspects are almost immediately identified and captured due to the massive amount of resources devoted to the investigation. What's more, the man who shot the two deputies was likely captured on multiple surveillance cameras near the area, not just the blurry footage released publicly. There is also a massive reward out for information leading to his capture. The total reward is now over $300,000.

Rest assured that if a citizen knew who the attempted murderer was, they would certainly have turned him in for such a hefty reward.

While it is true that we have no way of knowing who carried out this senseless act of violence or why they did it, given the startling revelations of the violence and criminal activity that goes on within this Compton station, not considering the theory of an inside job would be irresponsible at best.

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