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President Donald Trump has called for removing due process, arranged the largest weapons deal in history with the largest state sponsor of terror in the world, and has waged war in sovereign nations without the approval of Congress. These acts and many others highlight the sheer tyranny of the office of president and should be opposed by all. However, when it comes to these despotic moves, the left is actually in support of them. Only when Trump tries diplomacy -- like he did in Helsinki this week -- do the left and the neocons on the right come unhinged.

On Monday, Trump met with Russian president Vladimir Putin to discuss multiple topics including the alleged 2016 election meddling. It was largely uneventful, but it was it was peaceful and ultimately helped to diffuse a growing tension between the US and Russia.

Diffusing tensions, however, was received by the left and the neocons as "treason." Immediately after the conference began, #TreasonSummit began trending on Twitter as neocons and liberals lashed out at Trump for daring to find a peaceful resolution to the potential of a nuclear holocaust.

Peace and diplomacy to the new left and the neocons is now considered treason.

CNN's Anderson Cooper called the diplomatic meeting, "disgraceful," saying “I just personally think today is just an incredibly depressing moment in our time, in our history, as an American."

It wasn't just Cooper either. All the media who usually loves when Trump starts wars went on the offensive Monday to attack him for dare trying to be diplomatic.

Neocon extraordinaire, former CIA director John Brennan tweeted that Trump's attempt at diplomacy was a high crime.

Donald Trump’s press conference performance in Helsinki rises to & exceeds the threshold of “high crimes & misdemeanors.” It was nothing short of treasonous. Not only were Trump’s comments imbecilic, he is wholly in the pocket of Putin. Republican Patriots: Where are you???

Although there has never been any evidence provided to the public in regards to election meddling, the U.S. lamestream propagandist media, in concert with the deep state, have run a consistent campaign meant to demonize and connect Trump/Russia and ignoring the direct acts of aggression Trump has committed against Russia. We are now seeing the results of such a strong propaganda campaign. Amazingly enough, these folks are clearly ignoring the fact that Trump himself put the toughest sanctions ever on Russia. Sanctions imposed over Russia’s invasion of Crimea in 2014 have not been lifted, Trump approved the sale of lethal weapons to Ukraine directly provoking Russia — something Barack Obama did not do — and he has ordered missiles fired at Syrian military sites, openly targeting strategic operations and allies of Russia. What's more, the neocons and the left appear to ignore the fact that Obama also met with Putin in 2016 at the G20 summit. Now, because of the power of the two-party paradigm, the left is pushing for war with a superpower instead of seeking peace. In Russia, there are free speech zones, gays are persecuted, and speaking out against the state is often met with police brutality — just ask the activist band Pussy Riot. Vladimir Putin is no hero.That being said, however, on a larger scale, Putin is not attempting to build an empire, he is not destabilizing the Middle East and installing dictators, he's not funding ISIS, and he tends to resist moves by the globalists that are harmful to the well-being of the Russian people and their money. Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, is destabilizing the Middle East, they are funding terrorism, they are carrying out the wholesale slaughter of innocents and genocide in Yemen and when it comes to reporting on these crimes and Trump's curtsying to the terrorist regime, corporate media, the left, and neocons are utterly and irresponsibly silent.

This irresponsible and selective outrage by the left has led to a frenzy of disinformation filling the digital airwaves with entirely unprovable Russian collusion in the 2016 election. If the left and the neocons were so hell-bent on ousting President Donald Trump's corruption, why then are they only reporting on the non-existent evidence of Trump-Russia collusion while ignoring the mountain of evidence proving his collusion with the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world?

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If the left and the neocons were actually interested in exposing the alleged crimes of Trump, then why are they spending so much time faking headlines and lying about Russia when they could easily expose his ties to terrorists in Saudi Arabia?

Since Trump has gotten into office, he's proven to America that he has no intention of making America great again. Every step forward he takes, like halting the flow of cash from the CIA to ISIS, he takes several more steps back.

His foreign policy, like that of his predecessors, does not fight terror. In fact, it does the opposite by creating blowback, thus ensuring the future and endless creation of terrorists for years to come.

Only when Trump attempts diplomacy do the left and neocons speak out. It is an overt attempt to keep Trump on the path to endless war -- and it appears to be working.

In fact, bombing Syria and provoking war with Russia actually got him praised by the very people who claimed Russia helped Trump get elected.

Even if a smoking gun comes out and one day proves that Putin and Trump colluded to steal the election, would it really change anything?

Just like his predecessor, Barack Obama, and just like Clinton would've done, Trump cozied up to Saudi Arabia once he got elected and is carrying out the agenda of the neocon deep state dead set on provoking war.

His real puppet masters are the neocons who transcend party lines and only speak out when Trump does anything but push for war -- not Putin.

We are now witnessing an unprecedented level of support for war and hatred and it's all because people are blinded by the two parties that tell them what to think. Obama -- who was also a puppet to the deep state warmongers -- blinded the left into supporting war as long as it was him who did it. It appears that this propaganda has carried over to the Trump presidency and war is the new trend. Case in point is that fact that when the president attempts to prevent it, the left and neocons call it treason.

Well, America, if you would rather war or conflict over olive branches and peace, you deserve the hellish dystopia you so fervently demand.