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Sometimes even the most amusing, silly stories can have an underlying profundity hidden in them. This applies to the current buzz over the fact that Senator Marco Rubio, who now has aspirations to be the Emperor - excuse me, “President” - of the United States, along with his wife, has managed to pile up over a thousand dollars’ worth of traffic citations for things such as speeding, running a stop sign, running a red light, and other careless driving.

Admittedly, the senator’s mere four citations are over-shadowed by his wife’s thirteen, but apparently vehicular negligent endangerment is a joint effort by the couple. (Their agreement to take remedial driving classes didn’t seem to solve the problem.)

To be fair, while endangering the lives of the people around you is a serious matter, in the grand scheme of things traffic violations rank pretty low on the list of political corruption. In fact, if driving recklessly is the worst thing the Rubios have ever done, that might make Mr. Rubio the most virtuous member of the U.S. Senate today. Nonetheless, there is a real lesson to be learned here.

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Senator Rubio and his wife not only acted in an irresponsible and dangerous manner, but then tried to avoid any negative repercussions for themselves. They used money and lawyers to try, with some success, to make their self-inflicted problems disappear.

While on the one hand it’s hard to be a total elitist when you (gasp) still drive your own car, the Rubios still get a few elitist points for believing they should not be bound by laws the rest of us "peasants" must follow. Of course, “do as I say, not as I do” is a totally bipartisan attitude among politicians. However, since Republicans tend to pound their chests a little harder when speaking about “law and order,” maybe Mr. Rubio’s campaign should include the caveat, “I believe in law and order… except in cases where the criminals (like me) have the money and influence to weasel out of it.”

Ohhh what will Rubio do next.

Of course, this entire ordeal is merely a function of the ridiculous American political system and the mudslinging sociopaths jockeying for position to control your life. The left hand points at the right, while the right hand points back. As the people pay attention to the distraction of the hands they don't realize they're being pickpocketed, fleeced, killed, and turned into slaves.