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Orange County, CA -- For months, a thief known as the "snowbird bandit" has been robbing a number of Orange County banks, and until recently, he has been getting away with it.

He got his name because of his old age and gray hair, and he has been found to have robbed five major banks between March and July.

This week, however, the snowbird bandit was turned in by members of his own family after they saw photos of him on the news. The identity of the bandit ended up being 70-year-old Randolph Bruce Adair, a retired Los Angeles cop.

According to OCSD Lt. Jeff Hallock, Randolph retired from the police force roughly 30 years ago and has stayed under the radar since.

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“It’s shocking and it’s unfortunate,”Hallock said, adding that (Robbers) will indicate that a lot of time the bank robberies are as a result of some type of addiction, whether it’s a drug addiction or a gambling addiction or something like that.”

It is certain that Randolph used his former police training and on the job experience when planning the bank heists that he carried out. It is also a testament to Adair's character that his family would turn him in without so much as a question.

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