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In 1993, Tupac shot two off-duty police officers.

The incident happened as two brothers, Mark and Scott Whitwell, were almost hit by two cars as they crossed a street with their wives. A police spokesman said that an argument followed, during which one of the brothers pointed a gun at the people in the two cars. It was not known if the brothers identified themselves as cops.

A witness said Shakur fired at the brothers. Three 9mm casings were found at the scene. The upshot is that both brothers are in satisfactory condition at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta with wounds of the stomach and buttocks.

Per a 1997 New Yorker article, “The charges were dropped when it emerged that the policemen had been drinking and had initiated the incident, and when the prosecution’s own witness testified that the gun one of the officers threatened Tupac with had been seized in a drug bust and then stolen from an evidence locker.”

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