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West Palm Beach, FL — A sheriff's deputy was caught on video walking into an innocent man's place of work and threatening to murder him and his mother. Not only was he not arrested for making these threats to kill two innocent people but he wasn't even fired.

Surveillance footage from inside a Cricket Wireless store captured Palm Beach Sheriff's Office Deputy Javier Lasso breaking the law by threatening to murder his daughter's boyfriend because he did not approve of their relationship.

On June 7, 2017, while off-duty, Lasso got dressed in his uniform, got into his patrol vehicle and drove up to the Cricket Wireless. According to the internal affairs report and the video, Lasso then entered the building and began making threats to kill people.

“I want to tell you this one more time. Stop seeing my daughter. Copy that? Is that a no?” said Deputy Lasso in the video.

“I don’t think it’s up to you, bro,” the daughter's boyfriend said.

“It is up to me, brother. Listen. Last chance. If you keep doing it, I’m gonna blow your f---ing head off. Okay? Okay?” said Deputy Lasso.

“Alright,” the daughter's boyfriend said.

After the boyfriend agreed under the threat of imminent violence—for good measure—the deputy then threatened to kill his mother too.

“And your Mom’s as well. I know where you guys live,” the Deputy said.

Lasso then walked out of the store and couldn't have cared less about the surveillance footage showing him committing a crime. It was apparent that he knew his police officer status would grant him immunity from prosecution, and he was right.

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According to the investigation, “Deputy Lasso said he used this opportunity to remove his daughter from the relationship.”

When confronted about committing the crime on video, the deputy explained it away as making "a bad decision."

Apparently, the department bought his excuse and they chose not to prosecute him for the crime, nor did they fire him.

Last week, PBSO issued a statement to CBS12 News in response to the video—it says in part:

"The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office holds its employees to the highest standards and never forgets about its duty to preserve the public’s trust. We investigated the allegations against Deputy Sheriff Javier Lasso and found him to be in violation, as sustained in the paperwork you have received. He has been disciplined."

The "discipline" this loose cannon received for threatening to kill an innocent man and his mother was in the form of a four week unpaid vacation which Lasso enjoyed last March.

To put this officer's actions and lack of punishment into perspective think about what would have happened if he did not have a badge. Had a civilian strapped a gun to their hip, walked into a cellphone store and threatened to kill an innocent man and his mother, rest assured that they would have received a far different response.

When the armed man—who just threatened to kill someone—walked out of the store, he would've been surrounded by police, or a SWAT team would've raided his home and he would be arrested. Clearly illustrating that he had the intent and means of carrying out the threat, he would've been shown no mercy.

At the very least, the person would've been charged with a misdemeanor and under Florida's new red flag law, they would've lost their guns.

However, because Lasso has a badge and a uniform, instead of getting a SWAT team and a jail cell, he got a month long vacation. And we call this a system of "justice" in the land of the free.