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Champion of liberty and defender of freedom, former Congressman Dr. Ron Paul, went on FOX this week to speak on the current status of the smoke and mirrors being employed by the Trump admin in their hollow claims of repealing Obamacare. Staying true to his libertarian roots, Paul transcended the two-party shell of the show and used his time to make a powerful point — both parties are the same and it's time for a revolution.

Just prior to Ron Paul coming on to the show, the host had on Paul's son, Rand, who noted how hypocritical the Republican party is and how they all seemingly lied to their constituencies — promising them change, they knew they would never fight for.

After the retired doctor and Congressman agreed with his son, he went on to note that 'the system' is set up in such a way that makes it next to impossible to reverse government overreach. Very few people inside government, as Ron Paul explains, conduct their policy based on principles.

Surprisingly, the host chimed in and said that the term 'Republican principles' is increasingly becoming an oxymoron. However, the same goes for Democrats.

In Washington, the only part that 'wins' is war. Republicans are for big government, if with war. Democrats are for war, if with big government.

Breaking out of the healthcare theme of the show, Paul then goes on to blast both parties for being the same in almost every light.

"They both believe in government medicine, the spending in these programs. They believe in the same foreign policy. They believe in the same monetary policy. They believe in the welfare system, too. So it's very bipartisan and they pretend there is this big difference," Paul said.

"They say that all we have to do is put the Republicans in....and they'll go back to the Constitution," Paul said, explaining how the two-party system dupes Americans into throwing out old party every four years thinking the new one will be different. But, as Paul noted, "That's a fallacy."

After exposing the two-party system using the mainstream media, Paul went on to provide an actual solution to the problem of the American police and warfare state — Revolt.

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"I think we need to have a real revolution someday and revolt against the type of system that we've had. And I don't think it's just this administration and the last one, I think it's happened for a hundred years and most people realize we just didn't get here overnight," Paul said.

After going off on the structure of the American political system and how it is deliberately designed to force dependence, the FOX panel came on to maintain the Republican talking points.

However, immediately after, the former Congressman chimed back in, saying, "Prepare for the bankruptcy." 

Paul explains how the reckless spending of every administration is leading to a point that will get rid of government dependency — but it will not be pretty. When the government goes broke and can no longer support the millions of people who've become dependent on its programs, chaos ensues.

Paul proposes a very simple solution toward the end of the video that would undoubtedly shift the tide — "legalize liberty."

However, as Paul points out, while Libertarians allow for voluntary socialism under their philosophy "but a socialist never permits voluntary freedom."

It will take a revolution.

While watching the video below, it becomes entirely clear as to why Paul, who has been out of government for years, is still relevant in the political spectrum, while Sanders, Obama, Mitt Romney, the Bush's, etc. have all but faded out entirely. Ron Paul was never a puppet and never compromised his principles for votes.