Graphic Video Shows Cop Stomp Man’s Head While Intimidating the Man Filming It

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Cell phone video posted to Facebook shows a Chicago Police officer viciously stomp a man’s head into the pavement — instantly knocking him unconscious — during an arrest.

A bystander begins taping the arrest of the unidentified man, as one officer pins him to the ground while a second officer bullies and intimidates the crowd attempting to document the brutal arrest.

As the suspect and first officer struggle in the street, the second cop emerges from an unmarked SUV, yelling at the growing crowd to “Get back!”

Though it’s unclear from the video what led to the struggle, bystanders demanded to know what the cops were doing, because as one person said, “You just pushed a man — what the fuck?”

As the minor scuffle in the street continues, the second officer appears to have greater interest in the growing crowd than in assisting in the arrest, pacing back and forth in a threatening manner.

Despite the crowd of bystanders not presenting any hint of turning violent, the frightened officer calls for backup — to which one person asks, “For what, motherfucker?”

As if the question enraged him, the cop marches over to the scuffle, raises his leg, and ruthlessly stomps the man’s head onto the pavement — immediately knocking him out cold — despite no escalation in the difficult arrest.

But the first officer remains on top of the now-obviously unconscious man.

As the outraged crowd scrambles to capture the unidentified, plain clothes officer’s unmarked vehicle’s license plate, footage also captures the second officer finally joining the arrest.

As video continues, the second cop appears to now knee the unconscious victim of police violence in the head.

Uniformed backup arrives in the meantime, as one officer pushes the crowd back from the ongoing arrest.

“Get out of here,” he tells onlookers just prior to the end of the footage.

Though details are admittedly scarce, the officers involved do not appear to make any moves to procure medical aid for the unconscious man.

While it’s arguable the situation could easily have been far worse — considering the alarming rate at which police kill often unarmed people — the unnecessarily brutal arrest raises a number of concerns.

Why the second officer didn’t simply assist the first in making the arrest, rather than concerning himself with the crowd, doesn’t sit well. Had he aided his colleague in the first place, perhaps the incident wouldn’t have escalated to senseless violence.

And while it would be justifiable to use physical force in the face of a legitimate threat, a man on the ground — already overpowered by one officer — hardly presents any excuse for brutality.

Further, there could exist no possible justification for stomping a man’s head into the pavement with such force, he loses consciousness.

While a recent poll found the American public’s confidence in police only dropped by two percentage points over the last decade, incidents like this one continue to make headlines with shocking frequency.

Fortunately, people now thoroughly grasp the critical importance of filming and documenting incidents involving cops — since indiscriminate police violence happens all-too-often during otherwise standard arrests.

Though no further information is available at the time this article is published, if any additional details become available, updates will be made as necessary.

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