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Meansville, GA – When a veteran fireman witnessed a horrific car accident, he jumped into action and did everything in his power to save the victim. But even though his actions saved a woman’s life, the police officer who finally made it to the scene thanked the fireman by arresting him and throwing him in jail.

Rick Rickerson, 56, joined the Griffin Fire Department in 1985, and he has devoted his life to saving lives. He told 11Alive News that when he witnessed a car flipping over on the highway after its driver lost control, his immediately acted on instinct.

“My training pretty much kicked in as soon as I witnessed the wreck,” Rickerson said. “You go into the mode of firefighter when you see this happen. Many times, the worst thing you can do is nothing.”

The driver of the car, Rebecca Buchanan, was trapped and not breathing when Rickerson reached her. Other good Samaritans stopped their cars on the side of the highway and rushed to help Rickerson help Buchanan from her car.

In addition to administering CPR to help Buchanan breathe, Rickerson also called 911 multiple times and gives the dispatcher clear and concise reports of what was happening, and how police could help.

“This 911? Pike County? This is Rick Rickerson, I’m a retired battalion chief, Griffin Fire Department. I’m on the scene of an overturned single vehicle with a single occupant, unresponsive at this time,” Rickerson said on the first call.

The second call was made after Rickerson cleared Buchanan’s airway so that she could breathe. “No first responders are here yet; can you advise your officer in charge of fire responding that Rick Rickerson is on the scene and I would suggest them requesting life flight,” he said.

The dispatcher then relayed the news over the radio to a state trooper who responded, “I’m actually a trooper with the state patrol; I’m in training, so I’m kinda off. If you have access to life flight, I would definitely have them en route.”

When Georgia State Patrol trooper, Sgt. Rodney Jeter finally arrived on the scene, he seemed to care very little about the fact that there was a woman who was in desperate need of emergency medical assistance. Instead, he was more concerned about the fact that when Rickerson jumped out of his truck to save the woman’s life, he left it in the middle of the road with the keys in the ignition.

Rickerson told 11Alive News that he remembers Jeter approaching the group working to revive Buchanan and demanding to know who owned the car. “I said, ‘It’s mine, I need you to move it.’ And I looked over at him and I said, ‘I’m not leaving this patient,’” Rickerson said.

The police sergeant, who apparently cared more about his bruised ego than the woman whose life was hanging by a thread, responded, “Sir? I said I want this truck moved!”

But Rickerson argued that because there were no other emergency personnel members on the scene, he needed to stay by Buchanan’s side until they arrived.

In his report, Jeter claimed that Rickerson was not rendering aid to the victim of the car accident at the time Jeter arrived—which is a conflicting story that goes against the accounts of both Rickerson and other witnesses. Jeter insisted that he asked Rickerson to move his vehicle “to make room for emergency vehicles that are coming,” and that Rickerson responded:

“I don’t care who you are. You can take me to jail, but I’m not moving my vehicle or leaving this patient right now.”

Rickerson told 11Alive news that Jeter then proceeded to continue badgering Rickerson, claiming that he was a trained paramedic.

“And I questioned him, ‘You’re a paramedic? You didn’t put your hands on that patient. You didn’t help us open that door,’” Rickerson said. “All paramedics have vehicle extrication training. But he didn’t do anything to assist us with this patient.”

One of the witnesses volunteered to move Rickerson’s truck, and first responders finally arrived and loaded Buchanan onto a stretcher. However, the comments made by other officers and sheriff’s deputies on the scene were much more alarming.

A Dash Cam on one of the police cruisers caught the officers discussing Rickerson’s conduct, and saying things such as, “He thinks he knows every single thing there is to know about everything,” “He is a piece of shit. He’s a piece of shit,” and “I just hate. I hate. He is a piece. I told you there was something wrong with him.”

Jeter then confronted Rickerson and decided to read him the right act about the situation. Rickerson stood his ground, and Jeter asserted his dominance by arresting the hero who had just saved a woman’s life for “obstruction of a law enforcement officer.”

The officers on the scene were caught on the Dash Cam saying, He’s going for a ride,” and “He’s locking his ass up!”

Rickerson was taken to the Pike County Jail where he was forced to spend several hours waiting. He now faces the first mark on his record in more than 30 years after the incident occurred on Oct. 10, 2017. But he told 11Alive News that he would do it all over again, because in the end, Rebecca Buchanan survived, and her 5-year-old daughter did not lose her mother.

“I would not do anything different. The outcome is this lady is alive. There’s no cross on the side of the road of that highway.”

Unfortunately, as The Free Thought Project has reported, Rick Rickerson is not alone. A similar incident occurred in 2003 when Capt. David Wilson, a veteran firefighter with 27 years of experience, arrived at the scene of a nasty car accident in Hazelwood, Missouri. As he was attending to the victim, he was approached by a police officer who seemed to care more about the position of the truck, than about the survivors of the crash.

When Wilson ignored orders from Officer Todd Greeves to move his vehicle, Greeves became agitated and decided to take matters into his own hands. Greeves arrested the firefighter and kept him detained by a patrol car for 23 minutes until a supervisor told him to let Wilson go. Wilson filed a civil rights lawsuit and received $17,500 in damages.

Then in March 2014, a volunteer fireman in New Roads, Louisiana, was rendering aid to a woman who passed out in her home. He was the first one on the scene, and when police arrived, instead of asking about the state of the patient, they demanded that the fireman move his truck. When he did not comply, the officer arrested and detained him for nearly 15 minutes.

In February 2014, when Jacob Gregoire, a veteran firefighter with 12 years of experience, was responding to the scene of an accident in Chula Vista, California, he was also ordered to move his truck. Gregoire ignored the commands from a California Highway Patrolman, and he was arrested and detained on the side of the highway for 30 minutes.

In response to the incident, Chula Vista Fire Chief Dave Hanneman called CHP’s behavior “ridiculous” and the firefighters’ union president John Hess praised Gregoire’s actions. He made all firefighters look good. He was there to protect the citizens and he was willing to take a stand to do that,” Hess said.

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Rachel Blevins is an independent journalist from Texas, who aspires to break the false left/right paradigm in media and politics by pursuing truth and questioning existing narratives. Follow Rachel on Facebook, TwitterYouTube, Steemit and Patreon.


  1. You just got to question the Hiring Practices of these departments. I mean come on, where in the hell do they keep getting these mindless idiots, that are being passed of as cops nowadays, from a City Zoo ? If I had a trained monkey (I don’t) I would exspect a better response than what this sorry excuse that passes off for human dose.

    But I guess I should not be to surprised either, considering the Chief probably thought when he hired him, that he was getting his human clone.

    • It’s well known departments don’t hire people with IQs much over 100. Add in that it takes half as many hours to become a cop as it does to become a cosmetologist and this is what you get.

      • Jordan Versus City of New London, Connecticut police department is the case law allowing police depafrtments nationwide to have ‘maximum tested IQ’ hiring standards.

    • They truly are incompetent, nasty, overgrown, childishly stupid, bullies, & even the nazis, showed more consistency, & logic, to their evil actions…..

    • The PTB want them smart enough to follow orders; but too stupid to question them!
      And the fact that WE THE PEOPLE keep allowing this shit to happen, who is to blame!?
      Or else resort to my original idea. PS

  2. I blame this kind of conduct squarely on the police chief’s shoulders! When this crap happens, if immediate discipline is not applied, this crap continues. When these incidents happen, the officer AND the Chief should receive discipline. Not a lawsuit, because the taxpayer gets screwed and the cops walk away. The pain needs to be felt in the pocket of the officer, the Chief, and their local union! When a officer, or Chief has to explain to his/her family why their pay was garnished, why the new car has to go back to the dealer, why they have to move out of the nice house and into a crappy rental, why their family has to go on food stamps, this shit will stop toot-sweet!

    • You can blame this on what is probably a product of Progressives and Libtards…And this was a GA State Trooper, so no Chief….

    • Maybe it’s time they take a leaf from the books of Hong Kong’s standing operating procedures during an emergency regarding who has control of an accident or fire. If there are properly identified EMTs or Firemen at the scene then they are in charge and the police follow their orders. Police officers who harrass or prevent emergency personal from handling the emergency are suspended without pay and have to go to a board of inquiry. Bad things happen to the police who interfere with paramedics, EMTs and firemen. Hong Kong is a firetrap with many old, not up to code buildings, should a fire get out of control it will be a disaster that the politicians DO NOT WANT TO FACE.

  3. Shunning can be an effective way to “correct” the behavior of rogue “public servants”. Publish the name, address, phone number and email address of the rogue public servant and send it to the local businesses where the rogue lives. Yes, the rogue’s family will suffer as well, but I say “so what”? When he has to explain to his family that his behavior was the cause of their shunning, the message may “hit home”.
    When the rogue public servant and his family have to shop in the next town because local merchants will no longer do business with him, the message might get across.

    • Sorry ! That’s not going to work. Because they simply won’t print or mention by name the cop who was involved. Privacy law’s don’t ya know, plus strong Unions that have the money, lawyers and time to fight this tooth and nail to prevent it. The Brotherhood is more important than life, money and the wife and kids to these worthless sacks of shit.

      Union’s death grip needs to be broken up under the *Rico Act* befor we can do anything to stop this, other than law suit’s, that dosen’t cost em a dime out of pocket, or the Courts & DA’s that side with em. The Police Unions are more powerful than God and the Mafia combined.

  4. Having a badge indicates superior judgement? I don’t think so. This man was arrested because he valued the life of a citizen over the words of a ego driven cop. This is a travesty and the blame lies with the DA who continues to pursue conviction of the real hero.

  5. these cops are so loaded on steroids they lose all their good judgment. so of course instead of doing the right thing they try to bring aggressiveness to bear on the situation making fools of themselves in the process and causing mistrust by the public.

  6. I’ll repeat myself – it’s no longer a good idea to call 911, because the cops keep showing up and doing this stuff on scene. You have to call the fire department directly, and they already know to keep the cops from finding out and causing trouble.

    Ah, Georgia! I saw the most incredibly bad traffic accidents and responses down there when passing through last month. Not enough time to tell the tales here. The craziest stuff in the country happens in Georgia. The horrifically torched Target trailer in the Wynn-Dixie lot was NOT the craziest thing we saw. Nor the MULTIPLE flipped cars along the highway. Not by a long shot.

    I’ve never seen a bad firefighter, only heard the rumor of the occasional arsonist. But cops persecuting first responders while actually saving life – that’s every day in every state.

  7. Your cops are the biggest bunch of dickheads going. What absolute bullshit. If it had been a member of that wanker cops family not breathing, I am sure he would have been screaming for help from ANYONE there. Instead, he has to flex his manhood and arrest someone for doing the right thing. What a complete asshole.

  8. Our PD’s are filled with former soldiers that suffer from PTSD. We have an entire nation of sick mentally unstable psychotic return veterans looking for a new post. The job of policing is the only place they feel they fit in when all they know is war, murder, pillaging and bloodshed. In 1991 we had 147 positions for law enforcement in my neck of the woods. Over 5,000 applied. Fast forward to today and we had 41 position open for new officers and only 121 applicants. Most will fail physical exams and BCI’s for past crimes. The remainder will be sent for psych eval for which 90% were formerly failing. The standards for psych eval has been critically reduced in order to pass new hires that previously could not make the cut. Counter to this exam is the IQ test which has also been reduced. In fact new hires will be denied law enforcement positions if they test too high on an IQ test. Police departments nationwide are left with the bottom of the barrel applicants while police have been making their occupation less desirable and more dangerous for more than 20 year. It is time to have all officers self insure themselves for the liabilities that they create.

    • You are obviously a worthless, cowardly feather-merchant, who thinks himself better than those that put their lives on the line to defend your sorry ass. It is those “sick, mentally unstable, psychotic…veterans”, who volunteered to protect worthless trash like you and your draft-dodging President only to be refused any help with the problems that come with combat. Well, tough puke, I bet if you ever saw a fraction of what I’ve seen, you’d pee your panties and cry for your momma.

    • Look at what can happen when a police academy applicant is hired over the strenuous objections of the psychologist administering the psychological exam, simply because all the PD cared about was getting a two-fer:

      How many more Franks are there out there? How many of the MULTIPLE cases of unarmed teens, mentally ill businessmen off their meds, or other MURDERED citizens, have been brought about by a similar lack of concern for just what is going into the academies?

      Jordan versus city of New London, CT police department is the case law establishing the right to refuse to hire applicants who score too highly on an IQ test.

      However, the idea that being a policeman is “more dangerous” than it was 20 years ago is untrue. Look up the top ten most dangerous jobs in the USA ; the police are NOT on there. Agree though on the self-insuring ; the ability of police unions to allow their maniacs to run around blasting tiny lap dogs, unarmed citizens, strip searching women and others on the side of the road in broad daylight (among other atrocities that actually make the national news…) knowing that the tax payers are on the hook for any damages awarded, is a huge part of the problem. Solve that, and the rest should take care of itself, as the maniacs realize they can’t commit atrocities in exchange for a two or three weeks’ paid vacation any more. They’ll quit, and the ones who actually have a sense of pride and honor in “protecting and serving” will remain.

  9. Another stupid ‘2nd responder’ story – knowing nothing, coming into a situation where they could help, but instead causing problems. The true first responder – the one who saved the woman’s life – is lucky to be alive, since the coproach could have become scared and started shooting….


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