“Hey, Wrong Car!” Cops Admit They’re Wrong BEFORE Holding Innocent Man at Gunpoint, Cuffing Him

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The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) is under public scrutiny after a TikTok video appears to show LVMPD officers detaining a man at gunpoint, only to admit to each other they got the wrong suspect before assaulting him with a deadly weapon and temporarily kidnapping him. The videos were uploaded in June by a TikTok user named @lastcall702.

In a series of two TikTok videos a metro scenario played out in which at least six LVMPD squad cars and at least seven officers arrived on a traffic stop scene which was already unfolding. With officers safely behind the opened doors of their vehicles, guns drawn, and pointed in the motorist’s direction, the officers began yelling commands to the driver. He was ordered to throw his keys out of the window, unbuckle his seatbelt and step out of the vehicle with his back turned to the armed gang surrounding him.

At around the same time the motorist was complying with the officers’ orders, other officers from behind the gun wielding ones yelled “Hey! Wrong car. Wrong car”.

The narrator to the video couldn’t apparently believe what he’d just heard and remarked, “These motherf**kers got the wrong car!” The African American male, who was already standing erect in the street just feet away from a posse who had their guns trained on his back and torso, was perturbed. “You’ve got guns on me, what the f**k do you mean ‘settle down’?” Understandably, the driver was irate.

Of course, cops, like most people, don’t like to admit it when they’ve made a mistake. So, instead of walking up to the man and admitting they got the wrong van, and the wrong man, they continued on with the actual detainment by placing handcuffs on the man.

It was a U-haul daily rental van which the large-framed man was driving, and the cops could not resist inspecting the van before allegedly lecturing the motorist and asking for their own apology. According to Unilad news media:

They soon put handcuffs on him while officers check his van, despite knowing it isn’t the right car, before seeming to ask him to apologize to them in return for them saying sorry for their error. ‘Just get me out of these cuffs and let me go about my day, please and thank you,’ he says, before he’s let go.

It is no surprise to be seeing yet another case of LVMPD officers getting overly aggressive. One might objectively conclude police officers should be able to know whether or not they ought to be pulling over a U-haul rental vehicle or not.

Unfortunately, for the motorist, he was not arrested. Had he been arrested he could have sued for unlawful arrest and possible become the recipient of a substantial payout.

Yet he still might be able to sue for having his constitutional rights violated at gun point. If you or someone you know can identify this motorist we would sure love to interview him for his first-hand perspective. Contact TFTP through our website at

Equally as disappointing as not knowing the motorist’s identity is being fully aware, through our numerous stories on the subject of cops involved in mistaken identity, that this happens every day in the U.S.A. Nothing spells freedom in America like being pulled over by a half-dozen squad cars occupied by cops with guns drawn barking orders to comply or die. Something has to change.

@lastcall702Las Vegas Cops pull over wrong car ! #blacklivesmatter #clowncops #mybad

♬ Fuck Tha Police – N.W.A.

@lastcall702Las Vegas Cops pull over wrong car ! #blacklivesmatter #clowncops #mybad

♬ Fuck Tha Police – N.W.A.

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