While Trying to Kill Family’s Dog, LAPD Cop Reportedly Shoots His Partner Instead

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Los Angeles, CA — On a regular basis, TFTP reports on instances of cops killing dogs. In the last couple of weeks, there have been so many dogs killed by police, that many of the shootings have been captured on video. In some of these instances, when cops open fire on dogs, they often show careless disregard for the innocent lives who may be near the area. TFTP has unfortunately reported on instances in which innocent children have been shot as cops try to kill their dogs. In the following case, however, it appears that a cop shot his fellow officer while attempting to kill a dog.

The incident unfolded on Wednesday when police responded to a report of a suicidal man who was reportedly holding scissors. Because police are the ones sent to deal with mentally ill — instead of trained medical professionals — the only tools on the scene were weapons and yelling.

According to police, the 33-year-old man was holding a pair of scissors when officers arrived. He was accompanied in the home by his wife, mother-in-law and three small children — and the family’s pet Rottweiler.

Police say that during the response, an officer fired a shot which they suggested was directed at the dog. During the firing, a female officer was struck.

During an encounter, a female officer was struck by gunfire in the wrist, but it is unclear what led to the shooting. At some point, a fire extinguisher was used, apparently to try and control the dog. The officer had residue from the extinguisher on her boots, LAPD Chief Michel Moore said, according to KTLA.

The department tweeted out the scant details of the situation on Wednesday night.

There has been an LAPD Officer-Involved Shooting in the area of Santa Monica Blvd & Wilton Pl within
@LAPDHollywood Division. Preliminary info is that officers responded to a suicidal male radio call at approx 2:10pm in the area of Santa Monica Blvd & Wilton Place.

Upon arrival officers made contact with the subject and a Rottweiler. During the encounter an Officer-Involved Shooting occurred and an officer was struck by gunfire. The officer’s injuries appear to be non-life threatening.

It appears the officer was struck by “friendly fire”, but that has not been confirmed. The subject, who was armed with a pair of scissors, was taken into custody. The dog was injured & taken to a local vet for treatment, but the cause of the injury has not been determined.

Luckily, the small children were not injured or killed during the attempted puppycide.

As this case, and others like it illustrate, it is no secret that police officers are unafraid to put the lives of innocent people in danger and pull their guns out to shoot at dogs. The Free Thought Project has reported on multiple instances in which cops have attempted to shoot dogs and shot men, women, and children instead.

As we reported earlier last year, and as this case illustrates, even their fellow officers aren’t safe from cops attempting to kill dogs.

Officer Lane Butler was fighting for her life last year in an Indiana hospital because one of her fellow officers pulled his gun on a dog and shot her instead.

According to police, officers were responding to a complaint of criminal mischief on a Tuesday morning in January when the shooting happened. Police were at a woman’s apartment to see if a person wanted on a warrant was inside. Police noted that the woman was cooperative and let officers search her home.

Before the officers entered the home, the woman warned them that her large dog was inside and in a cage. Butler and two other officers, LaFrene Butler and Aaron Wright, then entered the home and began searching it. As they searched the home, however, the dog reportedly escaped from the cage and the officers then fled the residence.

As the officers fled, Wright pulled out his pistol in a futile attempt to defend himself from the dog. Instead of shooting the dog, however, the officer shot Butler in the back as they walked out the door. Butler was wearing a bulletproof vest, but the round went in just above the protected area in her upper back.

After he negligently shot his fellow cop in the back, the department announced that Wright will face no discipline. 

While Butler survived this shooting, others haven’t been so lucky.

Take for example the tragic case of Autumn Steele.

The tragic incident unfolded in January 2015 as Gabriel Steele, Autumn’s husband, was loading up their 4-year-old son, when Autumn began yelling at Gabriel and the police were called.

“He’s got my kid!” yells Autumn.

Officer Jesse Hill was at the Steele residence acting as an escort in their domestic dispute incident. During this commotion, the couple’s dog came running out of the house.

“Hey, hey, quit fighting, stop it,” says Hill.

In the video, we can hear the dog growl, at which point Hill says, “Get your dog.” Only moments later, Hill fired off two rounds.

One of the shots struck Autumn Steele in the arm and another in the chest. The dog was also hit, but he recovered. Sadly, Steele would not recover and died at the hospital. Police and the DA then proceeded railroad Steele’s family as they fought for justice. A tragedy from all sides.

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